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Whether you’re building on your existing wealth, protecting your family’s financial security, or thinking about your legacy to the next generation, RBC Dominion Securities offers a complete array of wealth management services, products and solutions to meet your needs.

Investment Products & Plans

Tax-Smart Investment Options

Retirement Plans

Receive personal advice on your RRSP, RRIF and other registered retirement plans to help you build your retirement savings and enhance your retirement income.

Tax-Free Savings Accounts

Build tax-free wealth within this versatile account that allows each of your adult family members to earn tax-free investment income.

Access virtually any type of investment available globally


Invest in equities trading on Canadian, U.S. or international exchanges, with the benefit of personal advice and top-ranked research to help you build wealth.

Fixed Income

Access Canada’s largest inventory of bonds, GICs, T-Bills, and other investments to help you preserve capital, enhance income and maximize cash management.

Mutual Funds

Get personal, professional advice on the full range of mutual funds designed to meet your needs for growth, income and capital preservation.

Commodity/Financial Futures

Receive expert advice on futures contracts to help you manage price, cost and exchange rate risk for your business.

Investment Programs

A+ Unified Managed Account

Combine elite money managers, investment pools, mutual funds and Exchange-Traded Funds within a single, tax-efficient portfolio.

Access Manager Selection Program

Access world-class investment managers who are carefully selected to manage your portfolio for you, and closely monitored on your behalf.

Advisor Account

Create and manage a fully custom-designed portfolio working together with your RBC Dominion Securities advisor.

Focus Funds

Benefit from the discipline of the RBC investment strategy process through convenient mutual funds exclusive to RBC Dominion Securities.

Global Portfolio Series

Select a professionally managed, globally diversified mutual fund portfolio with one simple investment decision.

Guided Portfolios

Follow a disciplined approach to investing based on the RBC investment strategy process while retaining final approval over investment decisions.

Parameters Portfolios

Remove the guesswork and emotions from investing by following the RBC investment strategy process in a portfolio individually managed for you.

Precious Metals Bullion Program

Invest in gold, silver and platinum bullion directly through your investment account, while storing it with the Royal Canadian Mint for peace of mind.

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