Kingsmill's Investment Miscellanea - Friday February 24th, 2023

February 24, 2023 | Joshua Kingsmill


Our team, as well as our partners in commercial banking (Mary Okhihie and Matthew Diong) are really excited for the next in our seminar series. This one is mostly borne out of what Avril and I have been collaborating on with clients in the last year, more so than in the past: working through a number of Estates, and business succession issues: planning and implementing best practices and strategies for one’s personal and corporate affairs for death, business transition, establishing Trusts, Will review and analysis, powers of attorney and care, executor requirements, etc.


A lot of topics to be sure, but for those of our clients who have used these services (which by the way have no costs or obligations associated with them, rather they form the backbone of the additional wealth services we provide), they have been very important.


We are collaborating with our partners internally: with two guest speakers.


First, Connie Freitas, who is one of RBC DS Will & Estate consultants: a lawyer (no lawyer jokes please!), she works with our clients to make sure that their current will(s), are accurate, and reflect actual wishes, in the context of a client’s overall wealth and holdings: both personal and corporate. Whether this is family owned businesses, trust set-up, properly reflecting all assets and distribution, etc. Connie will go over best practices, things to look out for, and provide an overview of her team’s services to our clients.



Second, Karen Snowdon-Steacy, with RBC Royal Trust: who works with our families and business owners to provide customized estate and trust services: with a focus on transfer of wealth between generations and companies, naming executors, as well as gifting and charity strategies. She often works in collaboration with the direction provided by Connie when going through Will and Estate reviews. Karen will also provide an overview of best practices, case study, and a general discussion.


So the invite is below, please RSVP when able, and we are delighted to be working with RBC Commercial bankers on this together, and showing off our larger team, and services they provide! Similar to the previous one, we will have 30 minutes for each speaker, and keep it to an hour.


On a lighter note, not sure if any of our clients, after going through these planning processes decides to do a radical shift: perhaps they ought to consider living at sea indefinitely. Starting at $8,000 per month, you can live a life at sea in a residential cruise ship (with a 37-month lease min.). How we would model this for planning purposes, might be a challenge, but putting it out there! - CRUISE LINK


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Joshua Kingsmill
Portfolio Manager
RBC Dominion Securities

Joshua is a seasoned investment professional with over 20 years of experience. He has an undergraduate degree from Laval in Quebec City, a graduate degree from the Sorbonne in Paris, and an MBA from University of Toronto’s Rotman School of Management. His past roles in Canada and England enable him to provide his clients with a well-rounded perspective on their financial matters.



Mary Okhihie

Senior Relationship Manager

Commercial Financial Services


Mary is a dedicated professional with a keen focus on delivering financial solutions to clients and businesses. She holds an undergraduate degree in Business from the University of Cologne, and a Master’s degree in Business Administration and Economics. Mary is also an advocate for the importance of promoting sustainable solutions to clients who wish to incorporate not only environmental but social governance targets into their funding.


Matthew Diong

Relationship Manager

Commercial Financial Services


Matt is new to role as a Relationship Manager and looking to make an impact. He started in October 2022. Prior to that he completed his undergraduate degree from Queen's Commerce. He focused on Finance and Sales in his time there, and is now in pursuit of the CFA Level 1.