Your Goals: Guiding Every Phase of Your Life

Aspirations are the driving force behind our collective actions. They encompass the desire to safeguard family, ensure a fulfilling lifestyle, plan for what lies ahead, steward life savings, transition from a business endeavor, pass down wealth to successive generations, and build an enduring legacy.

We understand that your needs change with each phase of life, and we stand ready to provide you and your family with steadfast support.

For those embarking on the earlier chapters of their journey, we extend guidance during life-altering events such as the arrival of a first child—be it through birth, adoption, or surrogacy—marriage; the launch of a business; or the acquisition of real estate. This juncture often prompts the necessity of risk mitigation through disability and/or life insurance thereby fortifying a household’s protection against unforeseen circumstances.

As life unfolds, employment and business situations tend to grow more intricate—advancements, career transitions, retirement considerations, credit requirements for business expansion, employee group benefits, mergers, and acquisitions, just to name a few. Tax planning takes center stage during this phase to ensure unnecessary tax burdens are averted. Additionally, mapping out provisions for higher education becomes paramount for the next generation.

In the twilight of one's career, our guidance extends to facilitating the sale of a business or orchestrating a seamless handover to the next generation. Our distinguished Business Owner Planning service ensures a methodical approach to this transition. With grown children often self-sufficient, some clients, even those not involved in entrepreneurship, opt for a "downsizing" strategy—selling properties to embrace a cozier condo lifestyle. This liquidity event calls for astute investment decisions to ensure a secure retirement. The imperative of estate planning arises as clients contemplate their lasting legacy. In our age, philanthropic pursuits hold increasing significance among Ultra High Net Worth families, an endeavor to leave the world better than we found it.

With over 35 years of experience in wealth management, our clients seek our expertise for:

  • Accumulating wealth and fostering asset growth
  • Safeguarding wealth and managing risk
  • Transforming wealth through the sale of a business or real estate, or creating a consistent income stream from accumulated assets
  • Consolidating wealth to streamline, coordinate and simplify portfolios
  • Transferring wealth efficiently to heirs
  • Creating an enduring legacy through charitable giving
  • Navigating the affairs of a beloved family member or a family trust

Our enduring relationships with clients, some spanning more than 35 years, exemplify the depth of our partnership. By journeying alongside us across generations, they have reaped:

  • Serenity in financial matters
  • Enhanced economic security
  • Disciplined, diversified, and long-term investments
  • Streamlined financial management
  • Methodical strategies to realize aspirations
  • Alleviation of financial stress
  • Informed, painless financial decisions

Built on trust, our clients confidently entrust us to navigate their financial matters, recognizing in us not just professionals, but reliable friends on this voyage.

John Archer & Mauricio Bonaguro