Our clients are well established in life, or their industry, and have sophisticated needs. They have a sizeable household income or an investment portfolio in excess of $1 million. We welcome the opportunity to act for individuals who may not yet meet the high-net-worth financial threshold, but are on the path to do so. 

Our clients lead busy, complex lives. We provide easy to understand solutions that are mindful of risk, taxes and changing economic conditions. We’re engaged to grow and protect their wealth because they often lack one or more of the three T’s – time, talent or temperament.  

Managing the day to day affairs of your wealth takes time and consideration. Not everyone has adequate time to be able to monitor and manage the complexities that may arise.

No one can predict when stock markets peak or interest rates bottom but we’ve finessed our craft for 30+ years. We are experts at what we do. That, combined with our extensive team of specialists at RBC makes us an extremely attractive choice. You can rest assured knowing you’re being presented with the best options for your circumstances and will have support through the decision making process.

Emotions, human nature and unconscious biases can drastically impact financial decisions. Two emotions, fear and greed, can derail a financial plan. We coach you to make sound decisions and help you manage the pendulum of emotions that may tug at you to act on your fear or greed. We’ll help you work your plan through all the cycles of the economy and not lose focus on what really matters.

• Affluent individuals seeking personalized service and support growing and protecting their wealth
• Established families seeking guidance transferring their wealth tax-efficiently
• Multi-generational families focused on building a legacy and protecting their wealth for generations to come

• Corporate executives who don’t have the time to manage their wealth and achieve their personal and career goals at the same time
Healthcare professionals, farmers, lawyers and accountants seeking total wealth management
• Lawyers and accountants who want a trusted partner to provide professional and ethical service to shared clients

• Business owners and entrepreneurs who need help managing both personal and business assets
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• Pre-retirees seeking guidance on growing and optimizing their retirement savings
• Retirees who require strategies for maximizing their after-tax retirement income and protecting their financial security

• Not-for-profit organizations that require executor and trustee services, investment management, custody and administration
• Philanthropists seeking creative ways to enhance their legacy and support causes that matter to them

• US residents
• Dual citizens
• Select international residents