There are tremendous benefits to incorporating insurance strategies into your family's multigenerational financial plan. Too often, these strategies are ignored and underutilized because high net worth families feel they are self-insured or view insurance as an unneeded expense without fully understanding the advantages.
Proper insurance planning can be used to grow, protect or transfer your wealth in the most tax-efficient manner and often at a much higher guaranteed rate of return than other investment options. When clients truly understand these unique planning opportunities their mindsets shift, and they view it as an essential new asset class within a diversified portfolio.

Benefits of insurance strategies and solutions include:

  • Preservation of the wealth you’ve created
  • Allowance for wealth accumulation on a guaranteed, tax-exempt basis
  • Excess cash can be deposited into the policies (within limits) and grow tax free.
  • Wealth can be transferred with little or no tax to you or your beneficiaries, this is especially helpful when dealing with corporate assets
  • Insurance bypasses the estate, so it avoids probate and can be paid out in short order

  • Financial stability and security in the event of an injury, illness or unexpected life even

  • Protection for your business

  • Protection for the value of your estate

  • Maximizing the wealth you transfer to your heirs and the efficiency in which it occurs

  • Offsetting estate settlement expenses

We can help you identify the opportunities. Contact us if you would like to discuss how you can maximize the benefits of insurance solutions.