Investment advice done right

Our relationship with you doesn’t begin and end with investment management. On an ongoing basis, we ensure you receive the knowledge, attention and personalized advice to feel confident in your overall wealth strategy. From educational seminars to detailed portfolio reviews, we consider it our role to foster your financial and personal development.

Beyond stocks and bonds

The success of your investment portfolio depends on much more than choosing strong stocks and bonds. At the So Wealth Management Group of RBC Dominion Securities, our investment philosophy is centred on strategic asset allocation – in other words, how all the parts impact the whole. We pick from a wide range of investment types, from stocks and bonds to ETFs and alternative investments, ensuring they complement one another in order to meet your growth, income and risk management needs. Having started our careers managing investments for risk-averse pension funds, we value conservative investing that prioritizes achieving objectives while controlling risk.

After your initial allocation is set, we provide ongoing oversight and portfolio management, making decisions on what to buy, sell or hold so that your portfolio reflects the evolving market outlook.

Empowered investing

We firmly believe that every single investor should be able to express, in their own words, what their overall wealth strategy is. We prioritize your education and understanding in every recommendation we make, helping you feel confident in the path you’re taking to a secure financial future. And, by including your family or other stakeholders in these conversations, we can ensure the strategy holds strong if you are unavailable, or in the future when your children or beneficiaries become key decision-makers.

Keeping the future in focus

Whether it’s a seminar or a cocktail party, we host education-oriented client events to help you maintain a current perspective on economic outlooks, emerging technology and markets, investing trends and the impact this can all have on your portfolio. We believe that keeping up-to-date is one of the key reasons our clients enjoy financial peace of mind.

Global reach and perspective

Our team also specializes in providing planning and advice to investors who own property outside of Canada. Having a full picture of your global wealth can help you make smart decisions related to global reporting, estate taxes, and repatriating assets and savings back to Canada.

Roots that run deep

We have managed wealth and risk for over 35 years, with our roots beginning at a major Canadian pension fund that focused on achieving return objectives while controlling risk. Upon joining RBC Dominion Securities, we have extended this approach to growing and retaining wealth for families, retirees, business owners and foundations.

Protecting you and your data

With the ever-present threat of fraud and identity theft, maintaining your privacy is a chief concern for our team. We ensure information is not shared to third parties or other family members without your expressed consent. More vitally, your funds cannot be sent out of your account without passing secure confirmation measures. And finally, with the resources of RBC, our nation’s largest financial institution, you benefit from substantial technological investments that make our communication and account reporting more secure, digital and convenient.

Examining every angle of your wealth

Investing is a key part of managing wealth, but it’s just one part of a bigger picture. By engaging our industry-leading team of financial specialists at RBC Wealth Management, we can help you design a total wealth strategy that incorporates lifestyle protection, retirement planning, business succession planning, intergenerational wealth transfer and legacy creation. We leave no stone unturned when it comes to the accumulation, preservation and transfer of your wealth.