Fast Five: Josh Nye the Bond Guy

We were pleased to be joined by Josh Nye, a fixed income portfolio advisor with our Portfolio Advisory Group, to discuss the opportunity investors are taking advantage of in ‘discount bonds.’ We have been using discount bonds in our clients’ portfolios as a tax-efficient method of increasing fixed income return. Josh explains that these discount bonds are offered at prices below their maturity value, which enables purchasers to collect part of its yield in capital gains when the bond matures. These capital gains are taxed at a lower rate than the standard investment income they produce, leaving more after-tax dollars in clients’ pockets.

Lastly, inevitably, we had to ask Josh for his thoughts on where we are in combatting inflation in Canada and south of the border, and what central banks are signaling for interest rates through recent dialogue.

Although they are not the most glamorous part of a portfolio, bonds serve a dedicated purpose, and can add substantial value in times like these, if positioned the right way. Please share or call if you have any questions for Greg, Rob or Josh. Enjoy!

Fast Five: myGPS - Our Financial Planning Software, with Jeff Schultz

In our latest Fast Five, Greg and Rob are joined by our Financial Planning Specialist, Jeff Schultz, to demonstrate how our financial planning software, myGPS, brings a holistic view of tracking progress towards meeting future financial goals. myGPS offers an integrated approach that pulls everything financially important into one place, enabling you to define and prioritize your milestones. Jeff takes us through a simulation with a sample client, that helps to answers questions like: 

  • Where will I draw funds from in retirement?
  • If I live to be 90, will I have sufficient funds to maintain my current and/or desired lifestyle?
  • I want to upgrade/downsize my home; how will this affect my finances going forward?
  • Could my business survive a major change or crisis?
  • If I passed tomorrow, will my family be sufficiently provided for financially?

myGPS reviews are most beneficial in times of transition, be it retirement, a business sale, estate planning or other situations where financial decisions are being weighed. We also provide initial myGPS consultations with new clients, or those interested in hearing more about our services. 

If you, or someone you know, may benefit from this fantastic opportunity to take a 30,000-foot look at where you are, and where you're headed financially, please don't hesitate to reach out. 

Fast Five: Winnipeg's Housing Industry, Mortgages and Renting, with Ryan Jensen

We were fortunate to have Ryan Jensen join Rob on our latest Fast Five, to discuss the housing market in Winnipeg, mortgage trends and the renting space.

Ryan explains that Winnipeg’s market seems to be staying strong, despite slightly higher hurdles with interest rates where they are. Like your investment plan, Ryan suggests having initial home-buying conversations pro-actively to put yourself ahead in the future. When talking about renting vs. buying, Ryan includes that it is important to take an honest look at your lifestyle, on top of the financial aspect, to determine right answer for you.

We hope this provides some food for thought around the holiday dinner tables out there, and if any questions arise, please don't hesitate to reach out to Greg, Rob or Ryan. As well, if you have a topic you'd like to see discussed in the New Year, please let us know!


Fast Five: We ask Ryan Harder "When Will These Rates Come Down!?"

We were pleased to welcome back Ryan Harder, VP of Fixed Income with our Portfolio Advisory Group, to discuss his current and future outlook on interest rates and fixed income investments.

Ryan begins by saying it certainly feels like we’re at peak interest rates now, which would indicate a gradual fall in yields to come – but this consensus may change as it did earlier this year.

We are once again thankful for Ryan’s insight, as it provides both different avenues to explore, and verification to our strategies in the fixed income space. We hope you enjoy the content, and please feel free to pass along to anyone who may get some value from it.

Fast Five: How The FHSA Makes First Homes More Affordable

“Rising housing costs have put a tight squeeze on middle class Canadians, and young people are more worried than ever about owning a home," says Canadian Minister of Finance, Chrystia Freeland. "That is why our government campaigned on creating the Tax-Free First Home Savings Account."

Further to our recent introduction to the new First Home Savings Account, our latest Fast Five features Greg and Rob expanding on the account's advantages, and how it can fit into Canadians' home buying plans. 

The FHSA is a hybrid of a registered retirement savings plan (RRSP) and a tax-free savings account (TFSA). Like an RRSP, contributions you make to a FHSA are tax-deductible; like a TFSA, withdrawals you make to purchase a first home (including capital gains and investment income earned) will not be taxable.

There are many factors to consider in the home buying process, we are here to help navigate your path. Please enjoy our video, feel free to call with any questions, and pass on to anyone this may benefit.

Fast Five: Silicon Valley Bank - Failure From Within, with Ryan Harder

Our latest Fast Five features Ryan Harder, Vice President of Fixed Income Strategy at RBC DS, discussing the outlook for interest rates in light of the recent Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) fallout.

Highlighting his main theme for the video, Ryan begins by differentiating the liquidity-troubled banks at issue and the housing market collapse of 2008. Ryan identifies poor bank-specific risk management, and the ease in withdrawal investors now have with technology as factors that quickly created a perfect storm for the banks. We then go on to discuss the advantages of a bond ladder and how to benefit from the rapid rise in rates we have seen over the past 12 months.

Our team, along with Ryan, are here to field any questions you may have. Our goal with this video was to be proactive in educating you, our clients, on what we’re seeing, so please reach out if anything comes up. We think that the 20 minute commentary will provide a good idea of how we are dealing with, and taking advantage of, the recent fixed income and equity volatility.

Thank you for watching and if you feel a friend, family member or colleague would enjoy this, please pass it along.

Fast Five: Interest Rates with a PIMCO Great, featuring Tony Crescenzi

When we get the opportunity to sit down with a portfolio manager from PIMCO, we take our time – so this was not so much a ‘Fast Five,’ but a great 23 minutes. As of September 30th, 2022, these managers had $1.69 trillion in assets under management (AUM) invested on behalf of foundations, private, public and investment corporations as well as for you in open and closed ended funds.

On November 17th, we spoke to Tony Crescenzi, a Portfolio Manager and Market Strategist with PIMCO, about almost all aspects of what we’re seeing around the world in the fixed income space today. We have used PIMCO products in our portfolios for quite some time, as we believe they are some of the most intelligent and perceptive minds in fixed income. Tony exhibits just this, and covers everything from current inflationary concerns and inflation looking forward, to consequential interest rate hikes and the trends arising, Ukraine/Russia tensions, recessionary odds and much more.

Please enjoy our latest not-so-Fast Five, let us know if you have any questions, and have a great holiday season!

Fast Five: Your 20-year-old Will is not "fine," with Rebecca Bae

In our latest Fast Five, we are joined by our RBC planning partner, Will & Estate specialist, Rebecca Bae. Rebecca joined RBC DS in March 2022, after practicing for five years with a local law firm where she specialized in Will & Estates. This expertise shines through when she sits down and meets with clients, as Rebecca recognizes the time it takes to understand your goals and unique needs. Like snowflakes, no two families are the same.

We have heard many times how clients feel the Will they wrote 20 years ago is “fine,” only to sit down with our specialist and learn substantive changes were required. We hope this latest Fast Five will drive home the importance of an up to date Will and some areas that may need attention.

We’re very grateful for Rebecca’s time, and hope you enjoy our video. Please feel free to reach out with any questions. If you are unsure about your estate documents conveying your goals, invest some time in this latest Fast Five.

Fast Five: Inflation and Interest Rate Update, with PAG Fixed Income Strategist, Ryan Harder

We are pleased to provide another Fast Five update on interest rates, inflation and everything fixed-income, featuring insight from Ryan Harder, our Portfolio Advisory Group’s fixed-income analyst.

Ryan discusses whether the rise in bond yields already seen are in fact helping to curb inflation. We also delve into the direction of these rates heading into Q3 and Q4, and where investors can find the most value in Canadian bond markets.

With volatility ever so present in markets worldwide, fixed-income investments have also fallen to a point where investors have an opportunity to lock in yields not seen in many years, and take advantage of the tax-efficient nature of some of the asset class.

Please call or email with any questions or interest, and remember that adapting to changing market circumstances while maintaining your discipline is the best path to long-term success in investing.

Fast Five: Steady Hands Through Choppy Waters, with Jim Allworth

In timely fashion, our latest Fast Five features RBC DS Portfolio Strategist, Jim Allworth. Jim applies his 50 years of market insight to put the recent volatility into context in light of the economic climate. This rocky start for equities and bonds this year may have investors nervous – and understandably so. Jim explains the importance of looking through this noise and being a disciplined investor, while also reviewing the present RBC Capital Markets' investment outlook.

We hope you enjoy our latest Fast Five and please do not hesitate to share this with friends, family or colleagues who may appreciate the content.

Fast Five: Making Life Easier, Part II Introducing Our Partners in Private Banking

In our last Fast Five of 2021, Rob and Greg are joined by Darcy Tuomi of RBC Private Banking. RBC’s Private Banking division provides banking and general financial support to High Net Worth Clients, and primarily aims to aid in individuals’ complex banking situations.

Darcy and his team coordinate with RBC DS advisors, like Greg, as well as other branches of RBC. These connections allow information and discussion to flow quickly through RBC partners, and increase efficiency in client requests. Darcy continues by highlighting the fact that, with the recent automation of many of their services, clients will almost never have to enter a bank branch again. These advancements simplify requests like deposits, withdrawals, and account opening, not to mention saving time in commuting. Darcy did stress, however, that this does not eliminate having an actual human to talk to on the phone, as his team’s personal service is only one call away.

Please enjoy our video, and feel free to reach out to Greg or Rob if you have any questions, or want to inquire on qualification criteria.

From all of us at Thompson Wealth Management, have a happy holiday season! We will see you in the new year.

Fast Five: Making Life Easier for Your Executor - How a Trusted Professional may Help, with Daryl Lindsay, Royal Trust

In this Fast-Five, the guys are joined by Daryl Lindsay, Regional Trust Advisor for RBC’s Royal Trust. Daryl & Royal Trust’s primary roles are to assist executors in their duty of carrying out a loved one’s final wishes. Although thought of as an honour, being named an executor can prove to be a difficult task in many circumstances, and Royal Trust has a variety of options to aid with the logistical side of executorship, through differing levels of involvement. Daryl touches on situations he’s seen with blended families, broken communication, and tax implications, and advises that the majority of these issues can proactively be settled through the initial estate planning process. Finally, Daryl summarizes in saying that Royal Trust’s services ultimately provide clients peace of mind in a heavily trying time. To tailor its guidance and help with each client, Royal Trust is able to work with your DS advisory team, and identify issues and priorities to guarantee your family’s needs are met. 

If you have any questions or would like more information on what exactly Royal Trust’s services entail, please feel free to reach out.

Fast Five: Preferred shares - is there more left in the tank? Ryan Harder weighs in.

Given the recent move higher in interest rates Greg and Rob thought it would be beneficial to sit down with Ryan Harder, fixed income analyst at RBC DS, and part of our Portfolio Advisory Group to discuss the implications of the rising interest rate environment. It had been a while since we’ve brought on a guest from the fixed-income desk. Ryan begins by discussing the differences between preferred shares and corporate bonds and GICs, and how preferred shares fit into the fixed income space. With the yield-curve steepening, preferred shares are not the bargain they were six months ago, however Ryan explains that there remains good reason to keep them in your portfolio with various catalysts looming. Ryan finishes by citing inflation as something to watch closely, a common theme in these Fast-Fives.

Thank you for watching, please feel free to reach out with any questions for Ryan, Greg or Rob on these topics or other. Suggestions for future Fast-Five videos are more than welcome as well.

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Fast Five: And Now for Something Completely Different - What's up with our Winnipeg Jets?

“Scheifele, over to Wheeler-“ … Wait, no it’s still just Greg and Rob.

With all the excitement over the NHL Expansion and Entry Drafts, and Free Agency, we thought it was time to check back on our hometown heroes. For this Fast Five, Greg and Rob are joined by former TSN1290 Jets Post-game host and co-founder of the Illegal Curve Podcast, Ezra Ginsburg, to yes- talk about the Winnipeg Jets.

Ezra’s expertise from years of covering the Jets provided for great content, as we hope a short break from ‘market-talk’ will compliment your holidays, and hot summer mornings well.

Ezra discusses our abrupt exit from last year’s playoffs, the Laine-Dubois trade, the Seattle Kraken Expansion Draft, and what to expect next year from the Jets, while covering everything from coaching to defense.

We hope you enjoy this lighter Fast Five episode, and look forward to weighing-in on your opinions when you call in next. As always, please feel free to share with any fellow Jets fans out there.

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Fast Five: Year-in-review with Stephen Groff, CI Global Asset Management

Greg and Rob are joined by Stephen Groff, Principle & Portfolio Manager, and Ron Heck, Vice President of Sales, both with CI Global Asset Management.

Stephen recaps trends that CI Global Asset Management has seen over the last year, and how his team navigated the 2020 downturn through finding value in the industrial, transportation and oil and energy sectors. Stephen goes on to outline potential opportunities in the TSX and how remaining disciplined through market cycles can lead to long term gains. 

Lastly, Stephen describes inflation as a theme to watch closely, adding that it is hard to predict and could evolve as a transitory matter moving into Q3 and Q4 of 2021.

We very much appreciate Stephen and Ron for joining, and as always please do not hesitate to reach out should you have any questions. 

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Fast Five: Looking for Safety & Return in Different Ways - Term & Permanent Insurance 101 with James Kopp

James Kopp, Vice President and Estate Planning Specialist at RBC Dominion Securities, joins Greg and Rob to outline the opportunities and differences between term and permanent insurance. James discusses the rising interest in permanent insurance policies for business owners and professionals. He notes that clients are able to diversify their investments through this alternative investment vehicle, all the while maintaining market-like returns and lower risk levels. James also touches on tax advantages within these policies, the importance of taking out the correct amount of insurance, and which policies make sense based on your current goals, financial conditions, and stage of life.

Please enjoy this Fast Five. As always, feel free to pass the link along if you think friends, family or colleagues would appreciate the content, and reach out should you have a question or topic you believe needs to be further explored. 

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Fast Five: COVID-19 Update with Dr. Gigi Osler

Greg is joined by Dr. Gigi Osler for the second time in our newest “Fast Five,” to discuss the progression of our fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. In light of the recent shutdowns in Ontario, Alberta and B.C., we thought it would be timely to have a conversation on vaccines and what the best route is.

Dr. Osler expands on two important themes that viewers must be aware of: vaccination developments, and the variants spreading globally. Dr. Osler highlights that “the best vaccine is the one in your arm,” and that we are in a race against the increasing variant cases seen around the world.

Please enjoy this informative Fast Five, and visit to find out when the vaccine is expected to be available for you.

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Fast Five: Writing off Home-Office Expenses, with Dean Jenkyns

Greg and Rob are joined by Dean Jenkyns, partner at Jenkyns Smith CPA LLP, for this week’s Fast Five.

Dean explains the how’s, why’s, and why not’s of writing off home-office expenses, with this year’s tax-season on the horizon.

Be sure to watch this Fast Five before doing your taxes this year, as writing these expenses off can save you up to $400.

As always with anything tax related, please discuss with your tax professional.

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Fast Five: Rising Fixed Income Rates with Mikhial Pasic, CFA

Greg and Rob are joined by Mikhial Pasic, Vice-President and Fixed Income Advisor with RBC’s Portfolio Advisory Group, for this week’s Fast Five.

With the recent uptick in interest rates, Greg and Rob felt it would be an opportune time to check back with Mikhail and discuss current opportunities in fixed income markets; particularly the preferred share market, after the recent rise of long-term bond yields.

Fixed income continues to play a vital role in an investment portfolio but some outside of the box thinking may be required at this time, due to such low real yields.

Please forgive us for the length- we were interviewing a bond manager and they can never say anything in just five minutes. Feel free to share with friends, family or colleagues, if you enjoy the content.

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Fast Five: Individual Pension Plans with Allister Penner, MNP.

Greg and Allister Penner, partner at MNP, discuss the benefits of Individual Pension Plans for Canadian Business Owners. As an added bonus, we have provided further information from our Financial Advisory Services Team.

Please feel free to contact Greg at 204-982-3459 to discuss how an Individual Pension Plan could benefit you!

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Your Minds Matter - Lynn Posluns, Dr. Gillian Einstein, Dr. Llisa Galea

Your Minds Matter Panel Discussion - Playback Video

RBC Wealth Management Canada, in collaboration with Women’s Brain Health Initiative hosted a panel discussion with Lynn Posluns, Dr. Gillian Einstein, Dr. Teresa Liu-Ambrose, Dr. Natasha Rajah and Dr. Liisa Galea on January 21, 2021. They discussed the importance of research as it pertains to women’s brain health and how certain life style choices can affect overall brain health and reduce brain disease in mid to late life cycles. This 45 minute webinar provides insight on what these women are currently researching in the field of women’s brain health and how to prevent brain disease.

COVID-19 In Canada: A Conversation with Dr. Gigi Osler 

No one has been untouched by the global pandemic and there remains much uncertainty on the way forward for us. Dr. Gigi Osler joins Greg, and his colleagues Rejean Beauchemin and Brett Watson, to share the facts and dispel the myths that surround COVID-19 in Canada, while providing insight into what to expect going forward.

Along with being a busy ENT (Otolaryngology-Head and Neck) surgeon in Winnipeg, Dr. Osler is an Assistant Professor at the University of Manitoba and has helped train numerous medical students and residents.

Some of her current, local, provincial, and national medical leadership positions include:

  • 2018-19 President of the Canadian Medical Association
  • Past Chair of the Physician Health and Wellness Committee and past Chair of the Section of Otolaryngology for Doctors Manitoba
  • Recipient of the 2017 Health or Safety Promotion Award from Doctors Manitoba

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Online Seminar with Fixed Income Analyst, Mikhial Pasic, CFA

Mikhial Pasic and Greg outline the RBC DS outlook for interest rates, why fixed income still has a place for investors and where you can find this value in fixed-income today. Mikhial is a Certified Financial Analyst (CFA) charter holder, RBC DS Fixed-Income Advisor and member of the RBC Capital Markets' Portfolio Advisory Group.

Bonds and GIC's are still required in most investors' portfolios, but with interest rates reaching generational lows in North America, what is an investor to do? This seminar will allow you to explore your options moving forward, and the risks and rewards behind these options.

Our goal when managing money is to be proactive and not reactive. Therefore, we emphasize where the market is moving to, and not where it has been. (From: Tuesday, November 10th, 12pm)

This video contains a reference to one or more advisor titles which are no longer permitted as of December 31, 2021. Please refer to this website, for the advisor's currently approved title.

A return to yield curve normalcy?

A return to yield curve normalcy?

May 24, 2024 |Atul Bhatia, CFA

The ongoing yield curve inversion appears out of line with record equity markets and robust commodity pricing. We look at some reasons investors are accepting lower yields on longer-maturity bonds.

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Gold: More than meets the eye

Gold: More than meets the eye

May 17, 2024 |Richard Tan, CFA

In a conversation with RBC Capital Markets, LLC Commodity Strategist Christopher Louney, we look at aspects driving the gold rally and explain how world events and policy shifts could impact its prospects.

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The push and the pull of U.S. earnings

The push and the pull of U.S. earnings

May 10, 2024 |Kelly Bogdanova

Q1 results have brought a mix of highlights and lowlights. We examine these opposing forces, how the Magnificent 7 narrative may change in coming quarters, and how to calibrate equity exposure in this unique period.

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Interest rate mood swings

Interest rate mood swings

May 06, 2024 |Thomas Garretson, CFA

April brought the usual spring showers, but it also brought some adjusted central bank rate cut expectations. We examine the what and why of the revisions and explain how investors should proceed.

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The Fed adjusts its focus, but the rate outlook remains blurry

May 03, 2024 |Thomas Garretson, CFA

The Fed keeps playing down upside risks to inflation, but did it just start playing up downside risks to labor markets? Ahead of key jobs data, how sensitive might the Fed be to any labor market weakness?

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Energy stocks: A hedge to rising geopolitical risk

Energy stocks: A hedge to rising geopolitical risk

April 26, 2024 |Frédérique Carrier

Oil’s rally is fueling an intriguing opportunity. We contend the global oil sector is benefiting from improved fundamentals and exposure in equity portfolios can act as an offset to geopolitical risk.

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Don’t fight (or fear) the Fed

Don’t fight (or fear) the Fed

April 19, 2024 |Atul Bhatia, CFA

The U.S. central bank is an incredibly powerful institution that can exert influence on essentially any U.S. dollar-denominated asset. However, we believe the Fed is also widely misunderstood.

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Rally realities

Rally realities

April 15, 2024 |Kelly Bogdanova – San Francisco

It’s been a nearly unprecedented winning streak for U.S. stocks. But in this heady atmosphere there are vulnerabilities to keep top of mind. We dig into these, and how to position portfolios to balance the risks and opportunities.

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2024 earnings: The likely convergence of the “haves and have nots”

2024 earnings: The likely convergence of the “haves and have nots”

April 05, 2024 |Kelly Bogdanova

As all eyes focus on Q1 earnings results, we think the full-year earnings growth trajectory is more important. Growth rates for the Magnificent 7 and non-Mag 7 stocks are expected to converge, but some earnings risks remain.

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High expectations for U.S. equity markets

High expectations for U.S. equity markets

April 03, 2024 |Jim Allworth

Most major equity markets have moved to new high ground, propelled by expectations for interest rate cuts. But we are not out of the woods yet.

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