Being equity focused enables wealth to compound most effectively over a long timeframe

Investing for the long-term means understanding the risks and the rewards of the vehicles that will make money grow. $1 invested in 1802, adjusted for inflation, invested in the following assets, would be worth as follows:

Precious Metals (Gold & Silver)              
Treasury Bills
$1 million

Source: 2015 lecture on Value Investing, Li Lu, Peking University  

As you see, the longer run decision to invest in stocks has produced better results than any competing asset classes. This underpins our equity investing focus.

Our investment process is rooted in sound analytical practices, deep-rooted thinking about the causes and effects of highly varied company models, and the analysis of the building blocks that create highly successful investments in stocks. We are highly curious, original thinkers, we don’t ever stop learning, and we have insight into the strategies and processes that create high performance portfolios.

We value investment knowledge that is contrarian, we focus on growth that is overlooked or underappreciated, with an eye on paying reasonable valuations for an enduring business model. We adhere to a disciplined, rigorous investment process that is both analytically focused and adept at market conditions. If you are interested in learning more, please contact Grace at 604-257-7050.