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I met Grace over 25 years ago and we have never looked back. As we talked about my goals, she recommended ways to get there, calmly and intuitively guiding me so that I felt confident in her abilities and safe in the knowledge that she understood my needs and insecurities about finances. With Grace's help, patience, and knowledge my investments have grown steadily and to a sum that when I first met her, I never would have thought possible. She has always cared about me as an investor, but more importantly, as a person.

—Geraldine Y.

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As a long term RBC employee, now retired, I had the opportunity to work closely with Grace in her capacity as investment advisor and portfolio manager. As a commercial lender many of my clients required professional investment advice for both corporate and personal needs. I had no hesitation whatsoever in referring them to Grace who was the utmost professional, easily transitioning the clients into the RBC DS family which greatly aided in solidifying client relationships. Grace is an extremely dedicated and hardworking professional, keeping the needs of her clients foremost in her mind at all times. She has managed my personal investments for some 15 plus years during which time I have enjoyed exceptional growth and appreciation in overall value. While markets could be volatile at times she had a special knack of putting matters into a proper perspective whenever she sensed any anguish and concerns.

Over the years I have confidently referred numerous friends and families to her as well and needless to say our relationship remains very solid.

—Jack M., retired RBC Commercial Banker

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Grace and her team have provided me peace of mind that my money is being invested well long term, and that when I have extra savings it can be deployed appropriately. I no longer need to spend my time researching the markets and picking stocks, knowing that they’re well-informed and have it under control.

—Jackson Q.


We have been clients of Grace Wang for over a decade. During that time, we have experienced both bear and bull market cycles. In 2008-2009, our investment portfolio did not suffer as much as the market, and quickly rebounded with better returns in the following years.

Grace’s team’s investment philosophy and strategy have evolved over the years to adapt to the ever changing market climate. Their impeccably detailed research and analysis is the solid foundation by which they build their overall portfolio strategy. Grace’s attitude of striving for the best and her love for her work continually impresses us.

We fully trust her judgement, integrity and capabilities in growing as well as protecting our assets. When our daughter and granddaughter received inheritances in 2011, we referred them to Grace with full confidence they would be well taken care of. Not only have we been wonderfully looked after by Grace’s team, we know our next generations’ financial future is in good hands for many years to come. As well as being professional, they are all a pleasure to deal with.

—Frank V. W. & Linda V. W.

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I have been a client of Grace Wang since 2001. Through her and her wealth management team my investment portfolio has increased many times over. She has great instincts and insights as to what are good investments specifically for my needs. Whenever there is a market correction and I am concerned about the ups and downs of my investments, she always responds with intelligent reassurance which always proves to be correct. My latest venture with Grace and RBC DS is setting up a charitable trust foundation and alter ego trust where she gave me such excellent information/advice as to the setting up and workings of these trusts. I have great faith in Grace and her team.

—Linda F.

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Grace Wang has been my Financial Advisor for more than 15 years since she was working at the RBC Como Lake Branch. Beside her good professional working ethics, she understands and fulfills my personal requests. I really appreciate her positive attitude even at difficult financial time. I always trust and rely on her judgments.

—Masashi T.

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We have been clients of RBC Dominion Securities for over 30 years and feel very comfortable with Grace, Leslie, and the rest of the team looking after our investments. We don’t know much about stocks and the market but we trust them completely and they have invested wisely for us. They are always available whenever we need advice, and we are now enjoying our retirement due to their ongoing support.

—Walt & Lynne W.

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Grace Wang and I have been working well together for 14 years. I can relax and look forward to our meetings because the management of my investments are in her expert hands. Recently I have been very pleased with the return we have realized on my investments.

—Joyce J.

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Grace and her team have provided us with a sense of security about our future retirement funds. Thanks to their responsiveness, recommendations, and well-informed investment journals, we have more time to focus on ourselves and our careers, knowing our investments are in good hands.

—Phoebe C. & Anthony L.

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Grace is an accomplished professional portfolio manager. Based on the client's needs and risk level, she customizes investment portfolio to maximize for gains, while minimizing the risks of losses. Her team provides superior client services.

—Yuesheng L.


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