Detail oriented, growth focused

At Grace Wang Portfolio Management Practice, our investment process revolves around the building blocks of wealth creation and is centred on seeking unique investment opportunities for those whose wealth we manage. To do so, our team leverages decades of industry experience to implement our own proprietary research and selection strategies, thoughtfully evaluating the fundamental characteristics of select businesses to determine their growth potential.

Investment philosophy

Business longevity

We seek out industry-leading companies with unique and superior advantages that result in long-lived, recurring profitability. We favour owner-operator enterprises, as they’re an excellent store of value and, given enough time, will compound growth significantly.

Enduring business models and management

We take a detail-oriented approach to studying companies’ business models and their management teams, carefully selecting those time-tested businesses that exhibit prolonged and exceptional growth characteristics backed by stable yet adaptable business models.

Strong capital allocation

The best businesses in the world reinvest their hard-earned capital in future growth opportunities that have a large addressable market. We look for those that also prudently seek opportunities to return wealth to shareholders when the investment climate is appropriate.

Margin of safety

Our unique investment perspectives are formed when our team has differing opinions than mainstream investors about the future direction, growth, and longevity of a business. We aim to capitalize on these contrarian perspectives by purchasing securities when the market price is below their true value.

Multifaceted approach

We strive to create balanced and holistic portfolios that account for the variety of ways businesses generate returns. Some companies act as return stabilizers, some produce sizeable dividends and income, some are simply undervalued, and a select few are innovators in their industry.

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