Our Process Starts by Listening to You

We help individuals, families and institutions to build, manage, protect and transition their wealth. Our process starts by “Listening to You”. Wealth Management goes beyond investment advice and money management to address a wide range of concerns related to both your financial and life goals, The Totino Group has over 50 years of experience.

Our services are designed for business owners, senior executives & professionals, retirees, families and individuals who require professional assistance managing their wealth.

Our Simple Approach to Serve You Better

The common triggers for establishing a relationship with our group include ensuring that wealth is transferred to future generations, preserving family wealth, consolidating assets and dealing with sudden influx of liquidity.

We go to work with the information you shared and we will study and analyze it. We will develop, model and analyze ways to meet your objective, always seeking solutions customized to your needs.

We will explain our findings and present our recommendation to you in plain, simple English. No technical jargon and when we sign off on our agreement and implement our recommendations, we will do so in an independent, objective and unbiased manner, always mindful of controlling costs and expenses.

We will then monitor, evaluate and adjust. We’ll monitor and evaluate the plans that have been put in place to make sure they’re meeting expectations and if they are not we will take appropriate action. And we will make adjustments to your plans as material changes in the markets warrants, as changes occur in tax laws and regulations and as changes inevitably occur in your life and the lives of your family.