Services We Provide

We understand the value of creating a customized plan that is tailored to your unique financial goals. Your portfolio is only one piece of the puzzle. We help you make sense of the other important issues life throws at you to design and implement a life plan that will help to get you where you need to go.

Coordinating to Protect the Fundamentals

Wealth accumulation is only one of the many phases of your life. Once you have wealth, you will face decisions of wealth conversion, wealth protection and wealth transfer.

In creating personalized investment plans for our clients, we can tap into this expertise to ensure that clients receive the solutions they need. The process starts with the creation of an individualized investment policy statement, which details a client’s risk tolerance, investment time horizon and personal financial situation. Of course, a portfolio is just one part of the bigger picture, which is why we often work together with our clients’ other professional advisors.

We are extremely transparent with respect to our fees. If you are already satisfied with your current Financial Professionals, we open the door for a complimentary 2nd opinion service.

We offer advice and strategies across the broad spectrum of financial services, so you will have a single headquarters for all of your wealth. Our suite of personal services include:

  • Investment Advisory Services
  • Income Tax Planning & Compliance Services
  • Risk Management & Insurance Services
  • Estate & Trust Planning
  • Philanthropy
  • Expense Management & Financial Reporting

We will work with you through each stage to maximize your after-tax income, build a minimum-risk financial plan and create your legacy for your family and charities. We focus on making issues simpler, clearer and we streamline processes so you will be well informed before you have to make a decision. More importantly, we unify all aspects of your wealth management, so you can see them across the board in one glance. Protecting the fundamentals of your wealth is protecting your lifestyle.

The Totino Group of RBC Dominion Securities exists to provide the expertise that makes a positive difference to the clients we serve. Under the private wealth management umbrella we bring together a network of resources to support the unique needs of all our clients.  The combinations and possibilities available provide a truly customized solution to your wealth management needs.