Frequently Asked Questions

Are you accepting new clients?

Yes, when it is determined that I can add value.


What do your services cost?
Fees are determined based on the size and complexity of the mandate. Some fee structures are tax deductible and some are not, and while the priority is to compete on value (not cost), it's rare to accept a new client if costs cannot be lowered or efficiencies cannot be increased overall.


Do you have a minimum account size?
Yes, but this is mandate specific. I've accepted rather small mandates because it was determined that a significant amount of value can be added, and turned down rather large mandates when it was clear that "fit" did not exist. If you believe you require an exceptionally high level of advice and service, I'd be happy to discuss the pros and cons of working together.


What does your average client look like?
There is no 'prototypical' client. As every one is at different stages of their professional career and personal life, the opportunity to add value with a customized approach is determined on a case by case basis.


Are you obliged to act in my best interest at all times (in other words, are you a fiduciary)?


Do you accept referrals or take introductions?
Yes. A significant number of new mandates come from existing client referrals.

Do you host speaking engagements?
Yes. Events in the past were held at Place Ville-Marie. Nowadays, Webex is the preferred platform for events.


Do you travel?
With the advent of web-based meetings and electronic signature capabilities, most travel has been made redundant. Once it is mandated that travel can be conducted safely, and in-person meetings held with low risk, I look forward to meeting with you.

Are you predisposed to a certain investments?
No. All investment advice is custom and unique to the individual. One of the advantages in working with me is that there is no bias toward a particular type of security, asset class or provider. In terms of insurance, I am not captive to any insurer.

Will you advise my entire family, even if my children are new investors?
Yes, financial education is an important part of wealth management and working with the next generation is an invaluable part of giving you peace of mind.

I currently have an advisor. What can I gain from working you instead?
It's hard to say. If your current advisor is Warren Buffett, than probably not much. Only after a complete analysis of your current financial situation and strategies in place, will it be easier to pinpoint potential pitfalls in your planning. In my experience, most are not being advised in a holistic fashion, and therefore do not have a cohesive wealth management strategy. One thing is clear, if we agree to work together, you'll know the benefits well in advance.

How do you welcome clients to RBC Dominion Securities with the current pandemic measures in place?
While it doesn't replace the face-to-face meeting, web-based meetings via Webex and secure electronic signature procedures allow the seamless operation of account openings and administration. Rest assured, your personal information remains confidential at all times throughout the process which has allowed for business to continue without interruption since the onset of the pandemic. In fact, the convenience of scheduling a web meeting has made accessibility even easier, leading to an even better client experience from the feedback I have received.


Why should I work with you?
From the first conversation, I make it clear that as your fiduciary, the advice you benefit from is with your best interest in mind. In engaging my services at RBC Dominion Securities, you gain access to a team of wealth management specialists that are experts in matters of financial planning, tax, estate planning, banking, credit and insurance. The advice we provide saves you time, and confers a peace of mind you will not easily find elsewhere.


When can we get started?

Call me at 514-878-5056 or email me at