Integrity, Professionalism, Care


"The Hachey Group is proactive, engaging, and inspires active participation with investment and overall financial life management. Ernesto lit a fire under me and got me interested in what was previously confusing and non-inspiring. I am very grateful for their services."

 - R.F. Client since 2016


"I was leaving RBC because my previous advisor was not making decisions based on my best interests. After speaking with Ernesto, he flew from Ottawa to Halifax and came to my house, sat in my living room and listened to my "complaining" and then he explained how he operated with his clients and how he wanted to help me. Ernesto spent 3 hours explaining, listening, and making my wife and I feel we finally had the right person to get us on the right track. Ernesto is an asset for RBC and I have and will continue to recommend him to my friends."

  - M.M. Client since 2012


"Ernesto is always very prompt in answering my questions, including when I send them in the evenings or weekends. He also provides answers that are clear, pertinent, and provide the clarification or details that I need to better understand my investments, tax implications or trading in general. His performance in this regard is a testament to the importance he places on providing great customer service."

 - J.B. Client since 2015


Very pleased with the results. I wish we'd met 25 years ago! "

 - R.T. Client since 2012


"As a mature professional entering into what are likely my peak income-earning and saving years, I was looking to partner with a knowledgeable investment professional who paid close attention to my needs. Ernesto fits the bill entirely. He has re-balanced my portfolio by following a well-thought strategy that is sound, understandable, flexible, and most importantly - aligned with my vision of appropriate financial management and risk appetite. Ernesto's approach has exceeded my expectations, and he has earned my trust completely. I have the peace of mind that these precious years of work and savings are on sound footing. Thanks go to you, My. Hachey!"

 - L.B. Client since 2012


 "Ernesto is passionate, caring, and knowledgeable and really works with his clients to help insure they are well cared for in all facets of  their financial lives."

  - J.R. Client since 2015


"Ernesto is a very personable, enthusiastic and energetic advisor who provides diligent and responsive service."

- P.B. Client since 2012


"He understands my needs and is always available to discuss as necessary. He is proactive and well researched. He also reacts quickly to requests and acts in a "fire and forget" manner, getting things accomplished without need for a follow up. I am very happy."

 - M.M. Client since 2012 




Why did you select me as your financial advisor?

Highly recommended by my account manager


If someone asked you to describe how I helped you, what would you say?

Organized my holdings and improved my financial position significantly.


How do you think the work we have done together will impact your financial future? What will be different?

Very well and early retirement!


What was the trigger that made you decide to get financial advice or change advisors? Was there a specific problem you wanted to solve?

Very dissatisfied with previous advisors. Yes, to make some money!