RBC Equipment Financing Capabilities

Securing the Right Financing Before it's Time to Buy

Preserve Capital when Expanding your Business
  • 100% financing, including all taxes
  • Depending on your company’s tax situation, lease payments can be 100% tax-deductible
  • It’s an efficient and effective way to manage growth and plan for the replacement of existing technology, while preserving capital
  • Leasing can free up cash to help you take advantage of growth opportunities
Effectively Manage Acquisition Costs
  • Thousands of business like yours are partnering with RBC Royal Bank to determine the most effective equipment financing solution before it’s time to buy
  • With a Pre-Approved Equipment Purchase Line you can take control of your equipment purchase negotiations by having access to the capital you need when you need it.
Is Leasing Right for your Business?
  • There are many variables you will want to consider, including:
    • The expected useful life of the asset
    • Do you routinely replace equipment to remain current and/or competitive?
    • Is new equipment key to increasing your capacity?
    • Can you make better use of working capital and realize tax advantages by leasing rather than buying equipment?
Why Choose RBC?
  • Dedicated Equipment Finance Specialists who will work with you to make the right equipment finance choice for your business
  • Fully customizable repayment structures to meet your cash flow needs