A disciplined process

For more than 115 years, RBC Dominion Securities has helped its clients achieve their financial goals by employing a disciplined process to investing. The basis of long-term, successful money management is predicated around creating a customized investment portfolio that reflects your investment needs throughout the various stages of your life.

There are five steps to our approach:

Step 1: Introduction to our services

We begin by introducing the wealth management services we provide and demonstrating how we can help you achieve your goals today and as your needs evolve over time. Together, we can then determine if our approach is right for you.

Step 2: Understanding your needs and goals

Our first and most important job is to listen to you and understand your needs and dreams for the future. We will take the time to understand your specific investment goals, such as saving for retirement or financing a business, and the timeframes available to achieve them. In addition, we will consider your return expectations and tolerance for risk. This “discovery process” doesn't end here—as time passes, and your situation changes, we will work with you to ensure that your investment strategy remains current.

Step 3: Creating your investment strategy

With an in-depth understanding of your personal situation, we are able to create your investment strategy. This provides the framework for managing your financial assets going forward. It clearly sets out your investment objectives, income needs, timeframes, asset mix guidelines, security selection criteria and review process. Your investment strategy helps keep your investment goals and preferences in clear focus. It also provides a benchmark for measuring the progress you're making towards achieving your goals.

Step 4: Building your custom-designed portfolio

Once you've approved your investment strategy, we can structure your personal portfolio.

In building a personalized investment portfolio for you, we select from the universe of investments worldwide. These include:
  • Investments for growth, such as Canadian, U.S. and international stocks
  • Investments for income, including government and corporate bonds
  • Investments for wealth preservation, including guaranteed investments

We do this through leading-edge, professional money managers and utilize investment strategy and research provided by the RBC Investment Strategy Committee, RBC Capital Markets and independent third-party firms.

You will have a diversified portfolio that conforms to the guidelines and direction you set in advance. This process means you will receive specific, appropriate investment recommendations, and each recommendation will be clear and well thought-out.

Step 5: Managing your portfolio

The last step in the process is to monitor your progress towards your continued success. We will review your portfolio with you on a regular basis and recommend appropriate changes to keep you on track. You will also receive detailed account statements, portfolio review statements, transaction updates and tax reports.

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An "A+" investment strategy

A+ is an innovative investment platform that gives you convenient access to a professionally managed, fully customized investment portfolio. A+ provides access to some of the world’s leading investment managers, backed by RBC’s proven investment discipline.

Your A+ portfolio is individually crafted based on your unique needs for capital growth, investment income and asset preservation. Then, your A+ portfolio is professionally managed for you within strict parameters, freeing you to focus on other important priorities with confidence.

Your customized A+ portfolio provides:
  • The expertise of leading independent asset management firms, carefully assessed through in-depth research, and brought together in a coordinated, customized portfolio
  • A sophisticated, tax-efficient portfolio that gives you direct ownership of the individual investments in your portfolio, providing greater control over taxable events
  • The latest portfolio management technology that brings together multiple asset managers into a single, unified portfolio with consolidated reporting and synchronized asset allocation
  • A proven investment discipline that ensures your portfolio is set, monitored and rebalanced according to your specific investment guidelines
  • A modern approach that enables you to achieve capital growth, without compromising on your personal values
Our approach provides freedom from the day-to-day details of managing wealth – such as monitoring a portfolio, the markets, and buy/sell decisions – so clients can focus on their own personal and professional goals.  In short, our proven, highly-disciplined approach removes the guesswork and emotions from investing.