What Our Clients Say


Looking at the market these past few days has reminded me how fortunate I am to have you, Derrick Lahey, as my Investment Advisor! In this raging market you are a reliable point of reference. You live and breathe the market, and you pay a price for doing so, but you are a great comfort to people like me. You are a gifted communicator. You caution and convey your concerns but always come through with clear advice or options for me to consider. You respectfully seek my opinion and assess my comfort level but are humble and wise enough to make sure I buy into whatever decision is made so it is our decision.

We started working together in mid-August of 2008, just before the crisis. Like all investors we faced significant challenges in the past three years but we have faced them together and that has made all the difference! I am fortunate, and grateful to have you managing my investments and to have the pleasure of working with you.

– Ed B.

Derrick has been my Advisor since the mid-90s and we’ve grown together over the years while having a relationship anchored on trust. He’s always been proactive in providing customized advice based on my long term investment strategy. He’s not looking for the quick win for him but what’s important to me as his client. I’ve referred several clients over the years as I know they’ll be treated with respect and advice that’s based on their specific needs.

Derrick, thank you for your hard work over the years, it’s been a pleasure dealing with you from the first day as it is today and I’m sure will be for many years to come.

– Gus K.

Thank you for managing my money so well. I truly appreciate all the work you have done for me over the years. You have taken me through many difficult financial markets and kept my money safe. I was more than lucky to have been introduced to you when I was looking for a Money Manager! I am sorry for the stress you have during difficult times and thank you for staying the course and keeping me safe.

– Sarah S.

I have been thinking for some time that I should pen you a short note thanking you for the work you have done for me. Since you took over my family accounts 4 years ago, we have had tumultuous times in the investment world. It was a period which demanded more from investment\financial advisors than ever before, and many did not make the grade. In all the time we have worked together, from the global financial crises to the subsequent rebound, from the frustrations of the precious metals stocks and the European debt crises, to the advice and guidance you provided in regards to my parent's estate and our family's financial planning, you have always provided a superb level of service. Joan and I both believe you were the best kind of financial adviser - an advisor who provided a steady hand in tough times, knew our risk tolerances, gave sound advice and had good ideas which met the investment needs of our family. You have taken the time to get to know all the members of our family and are, as a result, now the adviser to my children as well as Joan and I.

I know we will face many challenges together in the future but I remain confident that, with your help, we will achieve our financial goals. Very Best Regards and Thanks.

– John C.

Just a note to let you know we appreciate all you do for us. I was pleased to refer a friend to you recently, and was completely honest when I told her you have always put our interests first. From balancing all the accounts across our family, to giving counsel, to tolerating our occasional rants about the market, it is always a pleasure dealing with you. I particularly appreciate your role as the voice of reason, ensuring that I don’t make unreasonable investments. Knowing that you’re keeping an eye on our investments even when I can’t, also gives us great peace of mind. While it’s frustrating for all of us when the markets go sideways or are unpredictable, you always keep your cool and maintain your professionalism. Thank you for that, and for a most enjoyable working relationship.

– Anne H.