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What is the Comfort Zone Investment Program?

After more than two decades of working with investors, David has learned that the first step to a happy client experience is to spend time upfront to ensure his/her portfolio's risk exposure is carefully understood and consciously chosen. The Comfort Zone Investment Program is David’s way of making sure this happens - both at the start of the relationship and at every step along the way.

What to expect

With my expert team, we take full responsibility for all the buy and sell decisions in your Personally Managed Portfolio. These are made according to a Portfolio Gameplan Document that we create to reflect your unique situation and preferences.

Here are the key Comfort Zone steps:

The Initial Discovery Meetings - It's all about YOU;
The Comfort Zone Investment Program;
The Investment Policy Statement;
The Portfolio Setup and Review Process;
The Financial Projection System (myGPS);
The Will & Estate Review Process;
The Portfolio Management Process;
The Quarterly Reporting Package; and
The Annual Review Meeting.

How do you define your comfort zone?

To define your comfort zone, you will need to understand:

  1. Your unique investment personality and
  2. How "loaning" and "owning" impact your portfolio

Defining your comfort zone involves understanding your unique investment personality. The only way to do this is by thinking about yourself as an investor. Your investment personality is shaped by your past and present investment experiences and, of course, by your future objectives.

The essential differences between "loaning" and "owning"

Understanding the deep, historically rooted realities of being a lender vs. being an owner is the vital first step. To put this in perspective, we'll look at some of the most basic characteristics of money and investments. When you have surplus money, there are really only two basic investment strategies:

  • Loaning: You can lend it to those who wish to borrow it, or
  • Owning: You can own real property, or equity in a business.

How you divide your money between "loaning" and "owning" is the most important investment decision you can make. To loan or to own, that is the question.  Every investor is faced with the same problem:  finding the right balance between the two. Those investors who establish the right balance open the door to freedom, confidence and optimism in their lives. Those who fail to do so may face severe consequences.  That is why we treat this step as critical to long-term success.

How do we help you to define your comfort zone?

First, we ensure you have a thorough understanding of loaning and owning.  Next, we discuss your investment needs, goals, temperament and preferences that constitute your unique investment personality. Ultimately, this will result in your ability to choose the combination of loaning and owning that you are most comfortable with. This comfort zone represents the foundation of your investment program. All the more detailed, technical aspects of your investment program will be based on this all-important, initial insight.

Staying focused on your Comfort Zone

It's easier for you to focus on what's essential in your investment program—on your comfort zone—if as many as possible of the niggling details are removed. To this end, my team takes over and manages all matters concerned with individual security selection, sell discipline, and periodic rebalancing.

To ensure accountability and transparency, we issue quarterly reports that you can understand at a glance. Communication and coordination with your accountant, lawyer and/or fee-based financial planners is also provided.

Ultimately, you are the only person who can take full responsibility for your investment decisions. Our Comfort Zone Investment Program gives you the framework to make those decisions with confidence at a high level, and delegate the details to a team of skilled and experienced professionals.