Halfway Through Earnings Season

Jul 28, 2019 |Dann Cushing

About a quarter ago, we put forward the thesis that the sudden deterioration in US trade talks had re-injured business confidence at a critical moment. In a global economy still recovering from a Q4 demand shock, the hit to confidence would create...

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Subdued before Q2 Earnings

Jul 14, 2019 |Dann Cushing

In the absence of other news flow, the investors focused primarily on positive signaling from the Fed – specifically on Jerome Powell’s testimony...

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Uncertainty Ahead

Jul 01, 2019 |Dann Cushing

Highlighting uncertainty in financial markets is typically a low-value-add comment – that is their whole reason for existence, after all. We are also acutely aware of the risks of confirmation bias. Nevertheless, there are enough tangible risks

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