Wealth management for a foundation isn’t unlike wealth management for an individual or a family. We get to know our client’s risk tolerance and goals, and help them build a strategy that makes sense. Behind the scenes, we’re doing the same excellent financial analysis and diligence that goes into all of our client portfolios.

The interesting part is working with members who may come and go from a board of directors. Each individual may have different levels of financial expertise and availability, and their own passionate ideals.

Our team works with the steering committee of a foundation to understand its mandate, maintain continuity across membership changes and decades, and help educate each new member on how their assets work.

Charities, non-profits and churches entrust us with their assets, and we carefully steward them year after year. 

Beneficial Trusts

For clients who are trustees for individual beneficiaries, we provide the same strategy and diligence. It’s a heavy responsibility to make financial decisions on behalf of someone else, whether it’s a minor child, a person with special needs, or a charity. Playing it safe with a savings account is not usually enough – but how can you know what level of risk is appropriate?

This is a question that our team can help with, to reduce the weight of responsibility and help trustees make confident decisions.

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