What kind of return are you looking for?

Inflation and taxes are constantly eroding your wealth – the “safe” option of keeping your money in cash or low-risk investments isn’t really safe at all. It guarantees that you’ll lose money in the long run, at the rate of inflation or somewhat more.

RBC's investment team is the finest in the industry and conducts constant research and reviews of the funds and companies that we recommend. Then, our team uses these known, vetted, and successful investments to build a portfolio that makes sense given your time frame, goals, and tolerance for volatility.

As a young college graduate, you may have debt and not much capital to work with. But what little capital you have, you can plan for decades of growth, arriving in retirement with a substantial fund to live and relax.

As you approach retirement age, you likely have far more to lose than a young person does. Your capital can help you grow wealth, but keeping it safe is the priority. Here as well, RBC's analysts and our advising team can make sure that your hard-won earnings are protected.

The Advisor Account

For all your investment needs

The Advisor Account is a special type of investment account designed to complement our portfolio approach to investing. With the Advisor Account, you can plan, implement and make adjustments to your investment portfolio as needed. You work directly with a professional Investment Advisor, and you are backed by the strength, security and resources of RBC Dominion Securities, Inc.

Best of all, the Advisor Account offers the simplicity of paying one annual fee, rather than paying commissions on individual transactions. It’s ideal for investors who follow the portfolio approach and would prefer to focus on achieving their overall financial goals—and not on individual transaction costs.

With the Advisor Account, you have access to all the investment and financial services we offer. Working in partnership with your Investment Advisor, you can take advantage of our portfolio planning and implementation skills, our investment research and strategy, plus our evaluation and monitoring tools—all for an asset-based price.

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