Just like constructing a building requires a blueprint. Your financial plan is a roadmap to your future goals.


A comprehensive wealth plan can also help address your concerns as a professional, addressing such important issues as how you will fund your retirement and protect your wealth in the event of the unexpected.


Our team focuses on helping professional families to help you determine how much you need to save for retirement, your legacy for the future and the right Wills & Estate strategies to minimize taxes.


Our Kick the Tires Program lets you understand the services and value you are currently receiving from your Professionals, and what services we offer our clients.

The process is free of any obligation and you are in control of each step.


Step 1

First Meeting- Introduction (45 mins)

  • We enjoy a beverage together.
  • We get to know each other and share some thoughts.
  • No statements or other financial documents are needed.
  • We determine if it is worth moving to the next step.


Step 2

Analysis (within 2-3 weeks)

  • We email you to obtain a copy of your investment statements and certain other documents.
  • We spend 5-7 hours over the following 3 weeks developing an analysis of your current state, including your performance, your fees, and your investment strategy.
  • Examine the Tax planning with your accountant.
  • We may have follow-up questions during this time.


Step 3

Second Meeting- Education (75 mins)

  • We present our findings, answer questions, and improve your investment knowledge.
  • We will help you understand the advice that you are receiving vs. the fees you are paying.
  • You have an opportunity to ask questions.
  • We determine if it is worth moving to the next step during a follow-up phone call.


Step 4

Third Meeting- Our Recommendations (75 mins)

  • We present the portfolio strategy that we believe would be most suitable to meet your goals.
  • We explain how much our proposed strategy will cost.
  • This recommendation will be made contingent on the completion of your financial plan.
  • You have an opportunity to ask questions.


Step 5

The Decision

  • Should we work together?
  • If we both decide to proceed, we begin the Client Program.
  • The program contains a clear action plan for us to follow.

The program includes completion of a Financial Plan and Investment Policy Statement.