As a Business Owner, you have worked hard to build your future by taking on business risks. It is our job to help protect and provide growth to your hard earned wealth. Our team specializes in working with Business Owners to focus on tax, estate, portfolio and financial planning. Our main value proposition to our clients is to simplify their lives and save them time and money.

We have developed a Business Owner Planning (BOP) process to address these common questions & concerns that you have as a business owner:

Financial & Future Plan – It all starts here

  • How do I create my pension plan for the future?
  • What is the right structures to save for the future? RRSP, TFSA, Corporation
  • How can I minimize taxes before and after retirement?
  • When should I start withdrawing from my RRSP?

Tax Planning – Wealth Advisor meeting the Tax Advisor

  • How does the new federal tax changes impact me?
  • What are the tax consideration I should have in the new legislative environment?
  • What happens if I make more than $50,000 of passive income?
  • What strategies and solutions is available for you going forward?
  • How do I get more money out of my corporation tax efficiently?

Investing - Take advantage of the opportunities...

  • How do I invest wisely with my corporate funds?
  • What is the best way to purchase Real Estate in using a corporate structure?
  • What are the tax efficient ways to invest?
  • Is my portfolio in line with my goals?
  • What is the risk and reward of my current investments?

Succession & Estate Planning – The Legacy that you want to provide

  • How are you passing liquid and non-liquid assets?
  • Does your legal structure reflect your wishes?
  • How much taxes does your loved ones have to pay?
  • What Tax and Estate Strategies have you explored?
  • When should I use a trust?