COVID19 Benefits - Do you have young kids?

Apr 12, 2020 | Wendy Chung


Staying at home during COVID-19 with kids has been INTERESTING...


At our homes, both Rami and I have fair share of Disney movies such as Lion King, Little Mermaid etc...

As parents of young children, we're glad that these two benefits are available for families with kids.


Increase to the Canada Child Benefit

Parents will receive an extra $300 per child. You will receive the benefit as part of your regular Canada Child Benefit (CCB) payment. There is NO NEED TO APPLY.


Child Subsidy - ONTARIO

One-time $200 payment per child up to 12 years of age, and $250 for those with special needs, including kids enrolled in private schools.


Who can apply: Parents or guardians must submit one application per child. Only one parent or guardian may apply for each child, and the parent or guardian who applies should have custody of the child.


Please click here to apply -


We recommend you to use the direct deposit option. You will require to provide your banking information.


Stay tuned for more information!


Wendy & Rami