April 2019 Newsletter

Apr 05, 2019 | Charles Cullen


“If you invest to feel safe, your future is at risk”

I saw this in an advertisement while traveling a few years back.  It’s a good reminder of the trade-off between risk and return.  Diversified equity portfolios had negative returns in the last quarter of 2018.  At that point, it would be understandable to be discouraged about investing.  In fact, across the industry, many investors cashed out of their mutual funds.   Those investors made a temporary loss permanent – and they have not benefited from the strong first quarter returns this year.   

Not all corrections reverse themselves so quickly, and it’s impossible to know in advance when they will reverse.  You can have a portfolio that is structured to capture the returns available to you whenever they may return, and tuned to a level of risk that you can be comfortable with. 


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