Wealth Management

Finding the right investment professional can be a challenge. You need someone who is not only a highly qualified professional, but who also takes the time to understand your particular situation. That’s why Carol creates personalized investment plans unique to each client, using a four-step process.

  1. The first thing Carol does is sit down with you to determine exactly what your investment goals and objectives are, within the context of your overall financial situation.

  2. After completing this process of consultation, an Investment Policy Statement is created, which reflects your goals in written form.

  3. The next step is to build your investment portfolio using a disciplined, long-term portfolio management approach. Together, you and Carol will decide on an appropriate mix between stocks and bonds. Then the individual securities that will comprise your portfolio will be selected.

  4. Since economic and market conditions are always changing, it is imperative to continually monitor your portfolio. From time to time, changes in asset mix or security selection may be needed. It is also important to review your portfolio as your personal situation changes. To ensure that you are always aware os the status of your portfolio, you will receive timely updates.