Today many new and existing doctors and dentists, have the opportunity to earn signifcant amounts of money right out of school.  Many have a predictable and stady stream of income coming in that can make it very advatagous to seek professional solutions for your profressional practice.  Many solutions are not available through the traditional forms of banking and finance.  Hence, why you need to be working with a wealth management advisor that understands the complex planning needs you have.

I have tailored a part of my practice to focus on high income earners, be they medical or dental professionals, but also sports professionals.

In this section I will fous on the medical and dental professionals.

Some of the key aspects of proper planning is to ensure your advisor is in contact with your other professionals, such as your lawyer and accountant.

Questions I can help you answer:

Should I incorporate?

When should I incorporate?

Should I set-up a family trust?

Can I income split with my spouse?

Can I income cplit with my children/grandchildren?

Are RRSP's the best solution for me?

How can I fund my retirement properly?

Why my practice is ideally suited for busy professionals:


As a Doctor or Dentist your time is easily worth a couple hundred dollars per hour when you are working.  It is not worthwhile to leave your practce during the day to visit your advisor.  I work around my client's schedule to free up their time, so they can focus on their profession and spending time with their families.

I would like to meet you and show you how I have added value, savings clients time and money, and increase the time you can spend with family.

You can contact me via phone @ 604-870-7109 or via email at:

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