Transparency. Simplicity.

Once an investor or institution has selected a trustworthy, accredited and experienced investment advisor, it is important that they also understand the costs involved with the wealth management services being provided. We strongly believe in removing the potential conflicts involved with charging a fee per trade and always provide full transparency of fees.

The majority of our clients pay a quarterly, often tax deductible, fee based on assets under management. The cost typically ranges between one half of one percent (0.50%) and two percent(1.85%) per annum and is determined by the level of services required, the size of the account, and the asset allocation of the portfolio. 

The fee covers the following services:

Administrative services included in annual fee:

  • Safekeeping of assets

  • Transactions

  • Administration of accounts

  • Online Access 

  • Quarterly statements

  •  Year-end tax reporting packages

Investment consulting services included in annual fee: 

  • Assessment of your goals and objectives

  • Examination of your risk tolerance

  • Consideration of your tax situation

  • Financial planning report

  • Insurance review and plan

  • Will and Estate consulting

  • Written investment plan

  • Provide capital market commentary

Portfolio management services included in annual fee:

  • Develop your individual Investment Policy

  • Construct customized portfolio

  • Execution of daily trades   

  • Asset allocation and rebalancing

  • Risk management through asset diversification

  • Portfolio performance monitoring

  • Quarterly consolidated performance review

  • Trading, custody, and recordkeeping services

  • Financial, estate, tax, and income planning services

  • Business succession plannning

  • A formal, written service plan

  • A personalized investment policy statement

  • Access to securities research, monthly market reports, and our Global Insight Newsletter

  • Ongoing professional wealth management advice

  • Liaison with your other professional advisors (Lawyers, Accountants etc.)

If you'd like to discuss the benefits of a fee for service wealth management relationship, please feel free to contact us to arrange a complimentary, discreet consultation.