Build & Protect Your Wealth

As you make progress towards achieving your goals in life, you may discover your financial situation becoming increasingly complex. When you reach this stage in life, and require professional assistance with the management of your wealth, Brenda can help.

Brenda works with her team to provide a comprehensive range of Wealth management services that are designed to help you in every way possible and can be tailored to each clients individual needs.

Who We Work With:

Affluent Professionals and retirees looking to preserve and protect multi-generational wealth
Business owners working towards improving their wealth management strategies and ensuring their financial affairs are in order.

How We Add Value:

  • Providing holistic wealth management services tailored to meet the needs of our clients and business owners at  each life stage
  • Providing a comprehensive wealth management solution
  • Leveraging strategic relationships with leading professionals in taxation, estates, trusts, business succession planning and insurance

We think our core values support our disciplined process and sets us apart from other advisors. Many advisors do all the front-end work  and forget that monitoring and client servicing is really the bulk of a client-advisor relationship.

Client First Mentality

We treat our clients as they are meant to be treated; as we wish to be treated. "Client first" means building our business around you, not working you into our business. That means client-centric policies like lower management fees and DSC-free mutual fund purchases. Our clients deserve our full dedication and commitment to their financial health.

Service Focus
Client servicing is a top priority for our team. We pride ourselves in responding to client calls and inquires as soon as possible.  We'll come see you if you can't come to us; whether to your home or your closest RBC branch. We're here to service you so you'll have one less thing to worry about.

Commitment to Education
We take time to help you understand how your investments work so you're comfortable with the process. But it doesn't stop there; education is important for us as well. We make sure to stay up-to-date with everything going on in the market and financial world so that we can keep you updated and worry free.

Strong Work Ethic
We work, but so do you. We always have time set aside for those who don't work during the "normal" 9-5 work week to make sure we give our best service to ALL of our clients. If you are making time out of your busy schedule to come meet with us, we want to make sure we can make the same time for you.