A Plan that's Right for You

Every client is different, and when you come to us looking for a financial plan, the more important thing is to make sure that the plan fits you and your personal needs. A comprehensive and effective process allows us to determine exactly what you need and the best way to achieve those goals.

Step 1


- An introduction and overview of the process we perform for each client.
- A full introduction to our wealth management team.
- A detailed explanation of the services provided by our team to ensure your financial success.

Step 2


- Gathering of key documents such as tax returns and financial statements.
- Discussion and determination of your financial goals, individual needs, and relevant circumstances.

Step 3

Set-up and Transfer

- Sign appropriate RBC Dominion Securities account opening documents and provide all pertinent account agreement guidelines.
- Prepare all necessary transfer documents.
- Set you up to access your security-protected online account.

Step 4

Creating Your Financial & Investment Plan

- Analyze your existing financial information.
- Determine your desired risk/reward balance.
- Discuss different strategies and how they would benefit you.
- Determine and implement solutions suited to meet your goals.
- Optimize the tax-efficiency of your investments

Step 5

Will and Estate Review

- Perform an estate and tax review.
- For clients with $1,000,000 in investments, a review will be completed with an RBC Will & Estate consultant.
- Look for opportunities to maximize wealth in your estate.
- Provides a comprehensive report for you to review with your legal counsel, including recommended strategies.
- Update your Will or Power of Attorney, if necessary.

Step 6

Insurance Review & Family Wealth Transfer

- Meet with a professional insurance consultant with extensive estate planning expertise.
- Review your current life and disability insurance needs and coverage.
- Recommend and implement insurance-based wealth protection, income replacement or wealth transfer strategies.

Step 7

Reviewing Other Financial Planning Strategies

- Introduce experts from our professional network as required, such as tax accountants, actuaries, and bankers
- Create and implement advanced strategies such as Individual Pension Plans, estate tax planning, corporate estate freezes, income-splitting strategies, as well as personal and business tax planning.

Step 8

Ongoing Support

- Regular meetings to review and update your plan and investments, and ensure they continue to meet your goals and objectives.
- Regular reviews of your taxes each year to ensure we are on track.
- Identifying, presenting, and implementing new strategies to continue to maximize your needs as they change over time.
- Receive invitations to our complimentary client education seminars and appreciation events!