We learn as much as we can about you.

Our process starts with an in-depth client Discovery Meeting. We conduct a purposeful interview that brings into focus what is most important to you.

With more than 30 years of combined experience, our team has observed that our most satisfied clients have their financial resources aligned with what matters most to them. This is why we have designed our Discovery Meeting to help our clients articulate their most important values.

The outcome of our Discovery meeting is realized when we deliver the three essential components of our mutually agreed upon strategy. They are:

  •  Your Investment Policy Statement
  •  Your Investment Plan
  •  A Comprehensive Advanced Plan

These are all structures to ensure that your financial resources support your deepest values.

We establish your optimal asset allocation

Asset allocation is the key to managing risk - yet some investors have a high degree of concentration in their holdings.  Corporate executives may have significant stock positions in their own company or other closely associated companies.  Others may have substantial cash positions from sources such as inheritance, retirement, retained earnings, the sale of a business or the sale of real estate.

Once we fully understand your personal circumstances, we can manage your risk exposure through diversification across asset classes, sectors, geography, and company size.  We also incorporate income-generating securities where appropriate.