Build your business and personal wealth with expert advice

Owning and operating a successful company commands a lot of time and attention. Every day, you make critical decisions that affect the financial health of your business. So, you know how important it is to have the best possible services and products to help effectively manage your finances — we can help.

Our business owner solutions can be ideal if you need help:

  • Managing business and personal assets separately but efficiently
  • Investing, preserving and maximizing surplus cash
  • Designing a succession plan for a smooth transition
  • Creating diversified, tax-efficient income with the sale proceeds
  • Protecting against the sudden loss of a key employee using insurance solutions
  • Safeguarding personal and business assets from adverse events
  • Building employee loyalty with employer-sponsored retirement plans

Family business succession planning

Donna and Norm are ready for the next step of their wealth journey. Find out how a custom business succession plan helped this family transition their business into a well-funded retirement.

Succeeding in business succession

Planning for succession in advance is imperative to maximizing your business’s eventual sale price, protecting the legacy of what you’ve built, transitioning your business smoothly and funding your future plans.

Watch this video to learn about the key elements of a successful business succession plan.

10 key wealth planning decisions for business owners

Whether you’re already a business owner or thinking of becoming one, the decisions you make may have far-reaching impacts, not only for your business, but for you and your family as well. The business owner’s guide to wealth management follows the life cycle of a business, exploring 10 key decisions for wherever you may be on your business ownership journey, including:

  • What is the best structure for your business?
  • How can you reduce taxes?
  • What should you do with surplus cash?
  • What can you do to prepare for the unexpected?
  • Do you have an exit strategy or succession plan to transition into retirement?
  • How can you keep your business in the family?

Contact us for a free copy of The business owner’s guide to wealth management.

Business owner's guide

Business owner's guide

Contact us for a free copy of The business owner’s guide to wealth management.