Professional Portfolio Management Group

At PPM Group, we provide discretionary money management services to high-net-worth individuals and charitable foundations. Currently,we manage over $600,000,000 in client assets. We are a growing portfolio management team at RBC Dominion Securities, offering tailor-made portfolios comprised of direct holdings in individual stocks and bonds.


Discretionary management - As a client of PPM Group, your assets are managed on a discretionary basis. With discretionary investment management, you remain actively involved in setting overall strategy, including your investment objectives and policy, while we are responsible for day-to-day tactical decisions. We offer tailor-made solutions for our clients, and have the flexibility to work with our clients to design strategies to suit their circumstances.

Investment style - Our style is conservative and value oriented. While our emphasis is on bottom-up stock analysis, we are also very attentive to macro trends, and therefore use a top-down style too. We look to buy high-quality, well-managed industry leaders and to stick with them. Turnover is generally quite low, which helps minimize taxes.

A uniquely personalized approach - With most discretionary services, you deal with a relationship manager and you may never meet the actual manager of your portfolio. However, at PPM Group you establish a direct professional relationship with your Portfolio Managers, who are responsible for the management of your portfolio. This enables us to be accountable and stay in close contact as we work together towards achieving your investment objectives.

Canada's most respected corporation - As part of the RBC Financial Group, PPM Group has easy access to a wealth of information and resources, and benefits from being part of a large corporate financial network of professionals, including analysts, economists, strategists, portfolio managers and bankers worldwide.