At Roundell Wealth Management we’re a team of qualified professionals, here to help our clients navigate a financial path to the life they envision. We provide personalized advice for each family we work with to ensure they reach their goals.

With our clients as our focus, all of our relationships are built on these key pillars:

We’re Team-Oriented and Process-Driven

Working with a large team gives our clients the peace of mind that they will always be able to get a hold of us. Everyone on the team has specific roles and our well-defined internal processes give us the capabilities to action our clients’ requests quickly and efficiently. 

We know that we can’t be experts in every aspect of our client’s financial picture, which is why position ourselves to spearhead our client’s financial situation. Being able to bring in RBC experts from all disciplines as well as the other professionals our clients work with offers us the necessary tools and strategies to help our clients overcome any challenges they may face. 

We’re Your First Point of Contact

When our clients are faced with decisions like "when can I retire?", "can we help our kids buy a house?", or "can we afford our dream home?" we’re proud to say that we‘re their first phone call. That level of trust is important to us, and we pride ourselves on helping our clients navigate all decisions, big or small.

We Practice Disciplined Investing

As independent brokers, we have access to every type of investment vehicle under the sun. Our in-house investment committee uses internal and external research while working with world-class fund managers to decipher financial markets and ensure that our clients are invested correctly to reach their goals. Having two Chartered Investment Managers on our team allows us to trade on a discretionary basis, which takes the emotions and noise out of investing for the future.

We Can Help With Multi-generational Transfers

We take a succession-planning approach to wealth management, which allows us to work with today’s generation and the generations to come. This gives our clients the security in knowing that their personal finances and legacy will be looked after for decades to come.

Jenna Roundell, CIM, CFP

Portfolio Manager & Wealth Advisor


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