Believe.  Plan.  Succeed.

With the resources and stability of Canada's largest bank on your side, and the personal attentive service of a team dedicated to your goals, we offer everything you need to build and protect your wealth with confidence.

How do you envision your future?

Each of us envisions a different future: from planning and investing for a safe and rewarding retirement, to selling your business or transitioning to your children or key employees, building your dream home, travelling the world, purchasing a family vacation property, or leaving a lasting legacy.

Whatever your vision may be, my goal is to help make it a reality.
Fulfilling your vision will take careful planning, a proven strategy, skilled execution and monitoring by a team of experts. Over the past 20 years, I have assembled a team that includes accounting, taxation, legal, financial and estate planning, private and commercial banking, and insurance professionals who compliment my own experience and expertise.  Together, we offer truly comprehensive wealth management, investment management, financial planning, risk management and estate planning that you can count on and trust.

Who I Work With
My clients have vision. They value professional advice, believe in the planning process, and want a highly accredited Portfolio Manager looking after their day-to-day affairs. They include:

  • Entrepreneurs and business owners who are too busy to attend to their day-to-day wealth management affairs.
  • Medical professionals, lawyers, accountants, and engineers who are looking for peace of mind and guidance on how much wealth to commit to private equity or real estate ventures.
  • Well established families looking to ensure their wealth has a lasting legacy.

Important notices