When you partner with Kuno Wealth Management you will quickly realize our clients are more than a new addition to our portfolio – you are part of a community.

Before we do what Investment Advisors do – we start by focusing on you. We get to know you, understand your goals, needs, wants, and desires and create your Financial Vision Plan – this becomes the driving force behind everything we do for you.

When and if required, we coordinate a team of banking, legal, tax, insurance, and financial planning specialists to help implement personalized strategies specific to your own wealth plan.

Our team has created a proven approach to simplify our clients complex needs, and provide an integrated consistent experience.

Step-by-Step Process

The Personal Vision Plan is a step-by-step process divided into three distinct phases.

Outline Your Vision & Goals

In step one, we offer a complimentary and private Goal Setting Workshop where we will assess your current situation and help you create your vision for the future.

Build the Roadmap

Goals without direction get you nowhere. We work with you to build a clear roadmap on how we will achieve your goals together. We map out financial strategies, clearly outline responsibilities, and communicate with you on a regular basis to ensure we stay on track.

Collaborate for Success

Working as a team through consistent communication allows us to stay on top of where you are in life. If something changes, we can proactively adjust our roadmap and reset goals.