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Articles of Interest


Renewable Energy - Good companies, but are they good investments?

Investing in the renewable energy sector over the past several years has definitely not been for the faint of heart. While the long-term prospects of renewable energy are arguably quite favourable and there are definitely good companies in the space, does that necessarily mean these good companies make good investments?

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Imagine 2025 - The Consumer Edition

Thinking About the Consumer: 2025 and Beyond

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Your Financial To-Do List

Many of us go through an annual ritual of setting resolutions. Improving health is usually high on many people’s lists — lose weight, exercise and eat healthier. However, in addition to improving your physical health, you can resolve to make this year your healthiest financial year ever by focusing on the fundamentals. This article will provide you with a list of 10 financial to-do’s.

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Pressure Points

While the pace of the U.S. economic expansion has been more muted than usual, its duration has been impressive. We think there’s wind left in the sails—good news for the global economy and for equities. But prudent investors are always on the lookout for signs of change on the horizon. We share our favorite gauges of recession risk.

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Life After NAFTA?

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Tax Planning Checklist for Students

If you are a student or are considering a return to school, you may wish to take advantage of all the tax credits and deductions available to you as a student.  This checklist provides a useful quick reference for the most common federal tax credits, deductions, and tax-assisted programs available to students.

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Retirement 20/20

Achieving Retirement Fulfillment - Explore the results from the 2015 Fidelity Retirement Survey Report to find out what is needed to achieve retirement fulfillment.

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Safeguarding Your Personal Information

At RBC Dominion Securities, we maintain rigorous security procedures to ensure that your wealth and your personal information are safe and secure.  Learn more about how RBC protects you, how you can recognize fraudulent communications and how to protect your personal information.

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