Retirement planning strategies and solutions for each stage of your life

The retirement planning strategies that make sense when you’re 45 don’t always make sense when you’re 55, 65 or older. That's why we provide solutions to build and protect your retirement nest egg for each stage of your life. We'll be there every step of the way, offering the solutions you need, and guiding you towards your retirement dreams.

Explore how we can meet the following retirement planning needs:
  • Saving for retirementBuild your nest egg more effectively with our tax-efficient retirement strategies and solutions.
  • Protecting retirement savings: Keep your savings goals on track with strategies that give you the right balance of risk and reward.
  • Maximizing retirement incomeBoost your income by choosing the right RRSP maturity option and exploring other alternatives. Also learn about your options for receiving a lump-sum pension payment.
Our retirement planning solutions could be ideal if you:
  • Need in-depth investment advice tailored to your retirement needs and objectives
  • Want a custom-designed retirement savings plan
  • Earn a high annual income and need a way to save more for retirement outside of an RRSP
  • Are approaching retirement and need strategies for preserving and building on your savings
  • Are retired and need professional guidance managing a substantial nest egg

Get your retirement ready!

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