Macy Fine

Wealth Advisor



Building and Protecting Your Wealth

My wealth management solutions extend well beyond investment counsel and money management. From investing to using insurance and tax strategies to build, protect, maximize and transfer your wealth, I can help meet all aspects of your financial situation throughout your lifetime.
Above all else, I have a passion for helping people. My clients share their dreams with me, we formulate a financial plan, and I help them achieve their goals.
My financial planning and investment strategies are designed for professionals, business owners, retirees and their families with portfolios in excess of $500,000. I also commit to serving all family members and close personal friends of clients.
Along with the resources of RBC, I will gather and manage an extended team of specialists on your behalf, including accountants, lawyers, insurance professionals, and tax and estate experts. As your needs evolve, I will continue to examine your plan and identify any opportunities that may arise as a result of changes in your state of affairs.


Discover how my team can help meet the following wealth management needs:

Investing and Portfolio Management Invest for growth, income and wealth preservation using proven investment strategies, custom solutions and a full range of investment products.
Business Planning Invest on behalf of your corporation and gain access to essential solutions and tactics that can help mitigate your business risk.
Retirement Planning Build your capital, protect your savings and expand your income with approaches and solutions designed for each phase of your life.
Estate Planning Shield your estate's assets and make the most of the wealth you pass on by means of fundamental insurance strategies, charitable giving solutions and more.
High-Net-Worth Portfolios Gain access to the discretionary service, tailored solutions and individual support you require to effectively manage your assets.
Not-for-Profit Organizations Help meet the terms of your institutions mandate by means of our investment management, planned giving, custody and administration, and other solutions 

 Let me help you clarify the big picture and get your investments working towards achieving all of your wealth  management goals.  Contact us to arrange an intital complimentary consultation and find out why clients choose to work with me.

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