The world of finance has long been a mystery to me. Being a small business owner, I decided it was time to get a better understanding of my investment options and the state of my finances. I called upon Macy to fill this role as my advisor. She has been nothing short of outstanding, meeting with me in locations that are comfortable for me, taking time to get a deep and thorough understanding of my business and my future financial needs, and most importantly, sourcing out the right investments for me that are in line with both my financial goals as well as my personal and corporate values.
She takes the time to answer my questions, and explain everything to me in a manner that makes sense and is relevant to my needs. Her customized approach to each and every client, her sincerity in wanting to help her clients achieve their goals, her unparalleled integrity and honesty in this business is absolutely unmatched. I whole heartedly recommend her.
Meghan Telpner, Certified Nutritionist and Holistic Lifestyle Counsellor
The emphasis you place on client relations is far and above ANY other person I've dealt with. You are the (very high) STANDARD to which others are judged by. 
Alan O
Macy, from the first time I met with you, I could tell that not only did you enjoy what you were doing yet you also felt a strong sense of pride in working hard and in the best interest of your  clients. 
Linda L