Joey Rizzuto is financially conservative and uses a disciplined approach to wealth management. Capital preservation is a top priority. We understand that we can only gain a client's trust by providing them with peace of mind. In addition to capital preservation, we strive to obtain a constant return on investment. For Joey, every client's situation and objectives are unique. Accordingly, we provide a personalized approach to the investment experience that incoporates scheduled meetings and portfolio reviews.
Helping You Achieve Your Investment Objectives

Whether you're looking for a balanced investment portfolio, growth, or a plan that generates income, Rizzuto Investments will work with you to tailor individual investments to meet your needs and objectives.

Plan for growth:
For busy investors with an active career to manage, we can produce a customized portfolio that maximizes perfomance of financial assets and minimizes tax liability.

Plan for security:
For investors receiving from an estate or inheritance, Joey can tailor a sound program to protect the initial capital and produce a satisfying income.

Plan for retirement:
For investors looking for RSP/RIF advice, we can create a worry-free retirement plan.

Plan for comfort:
For experienced investors ready to enjoy the reward of their success, Rizzuto Investments assists in administering your portfolio while generating income to support you lifestyle
"Take a direction and stay faithful to your plan"
- Joey Rizzuto -