The Start of Something Better

My wealth management practice is mainly built by word of mouth and referrals from existing clients, trusted partners, and friends.

The experience individuals have with my team provides them with the confidence that we will do an excellent job with their referrals and ensure the perfect fit.

First Contact

We meet formally at your office or home to discuss your expectations and previous experiences.
This allows for:
  • An open discussion to get to know each other
  • To review previous financial history statements, Wills, and Insurance policies
  • Ultimately to find if this is a right "fit"
There is no obligation to move forward.

Secondary Meeting

A secondary meeting will be conducted within 2 weeks for a formal presentation of proposals
  • Alowing you to decide if you would like to move with the process and your required accounts
  • If the "fit" is not right, I will refer you to someone I think may be more aligned with your wants


Statement Reviews

We will meet again to review your first statement. At this point we will also:
  • Prepare a plan of next steps and prioties to review
  • Complete a Financial Planning questionnaire