Guiding Principles

Based on many years within the Financial Industry seeing what does and does not work.

  • If you can not understand it - it is probably a bad idea
We firmly believe in the "back of an envelope" criteria for investments. If the explanation can not be framed in a clear, concise and logical manner than we will regret buying it.


  • Money needs to have a reason 
Your investment assets are just numbers on a paper - that is until you define the reason for them. Be it retirement, a personal need, or an unknown, it is our job to help you define your reason so we can be guided in our investment choices.
What is your reason?


  • Risk means varying things to different people 
Risk is often defined as the exposure to uncertainty. Be it volatility in the market, a specific performance marker, spending your principal, or financial uncertainty. Whatever the definition, we need to understand it to properly plan around it.


  • You can not buy everything
Having an Investment strategy that is diversified and long-term in nature means not worrying about the ones that got away. Our strategy will put an emphasis on the ones we caught.


  • Your solution is unique

To properly meet your goals, we have the take the time to discuss them, your past investment history, your saving habits, and your concerns. Only then can we create a personalized strategy.

Over time, this plan will evolve to keep pace with your changing needs.


  • This is a long-term relationship
Your finances are exceptionally important, and not to be taken lightly. Getting to know and understand you requires a mutual level of trust and honesty.
Some advisors may accept any and all clients, believing they can help everyone no matter their profession, net worth, or goals. We do not agree with that philosophy because we fear that the level of mutual respect is diminished in that capacity. What is required is a good fit between personalities, and a proper understanding of your expectations about yourself and towards us.


  • Wealth Management is more than just investments
Have your insurance needs changed, are you in the process of a property purchase, are you incorporating your practice? The Wealth Management process encompasses all aspects of your financial life. By focusing on every aspect that makes your position unique, we can dramatically improve your chances for success.


  • Financial Education
Regardless of your current financial knowledge, it is our goal to expand it. We believe that an informed client is a better client. This allows you to ask tougher questions, come up with interesting and helpful suggestions, and increase your confidence in your financial well-being.


  • Regular Reviews 
Everyone is busy, and talking about your finances when all is going well may seem like a waste of time.
However, communication is essential in ensuring that things are on track and up-to-date with all of the changes in your life and that you remain informed about the good, the bad, and the ugly.


  • We do not know everything, but we know people that do!
To help you meet your various goals we have the expert support of the RBC Wealth Management Services Team. They will work with us to help address your specific financial, tax, retirement, and estate planning needs.
In addition, we work in partnership with a select group of Lawyers and Accountants that understand your business. These experts are referred to us by our satisfied clients, who have experienced what these professionals actually do, not what the marketing says they do.
If you have an existing relationship with professionals in these areas, we will work with them to use their expertise and knowledge to help improve your place. If you require a referral, we would be happy to offer you access to our network.