Quality of service continues to be a hallmark for Greg Thompson and his team.  As such, it is important that you realize the service you have enjoyed in the past will be maintained in the future.

Investing is not a static process and as such proper monitoring of your portfolio and the proper review of your changing goals is required on a timely basis.

To achieve this, your plan includes but is not limited to the following items:


  • Portfolio Review Meeting

  • Retirement Projection

  • Insurance Review

Each year we will have at least one meeting in person to review your portfolio in detail.  We will also review your Retirement Projection (if applicable) and make any adjustments if necessary.


  • Portfolio Review Call

This will be followed by a call to discuss the account holdings and any changes in your financial goals or requirements.

Account Reporting

Account statements will be provided each month there is activity in your account.

With DS Online you may view your accounts online on any day, at anytime, when it is most convenient for you.


Greg shares his thoughts on the market, economics, and specific companies with the Thompson Letter that is published quarterly throughout the year.

The Newsletter will discuss the latest changes in the market and how they may affect the future of specific companies, industries or individual circumstances.

Also available upon request:

Strategy – The Investment Outlook

A quarterly review of the global markets and economies provided by RBC Capital Markets and the RBC Portfolio Advisory Group.

RBC Investment Strategy Weekly

A weekly review of investment news and trends provided by RBC Capital Markets.

These are available via post or electronic mail. Please contact our associate Justin Wilson at 982-3989 to receive these reports.

Additional Services

  • Will & Estate Planning

  • Insurance Planning

Estate and insurance planning round out the required services to confirm that your financial plan is in total order. RBC Dominion Securities offers the services of experts in the field to sit down and discuss your personal situation. Greg will be on hand to explain your unique goals and concerns.

Donald D. Bell, B.A, LL.B., CFP, R.F.P. TEP is our Will and Estate Consultant.  Donald is available to help you structure your estate in an efficient and tax-effective manner.  His service is complimentary.

James Kopp, B.Comm (Hons), is our Regional Estate Planning and Insurance Specialist.  James is available to review and create tax-effective insurance strategies to suit your needs.  His service is also complimentary.

To make appointments with either Donald or James, please call our associate Justin Wilson at 982-3989.