Introducing Graeme Ross - Branch Manager & Investment Advisor

Graeme Ross

Branch Manager

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Helping you find the perfect fit

Graeme is dedicated to helping local investors achieve their portfolio and wealth management objectives. Though both an Investment Advisor and Branch Manager, he strives to anchor prospective clients with the Advisor best suited to realizing their ambitions. Honest and fair in all of his dealings, he seeks to make a positive contribution in the lives of all those who turn to him for advice and always strives to build upon the successes he has helped his clients achieve.

Graeme and his wife have lived in Peterborough for over 20 years. They have two children who are actively involved in sports. A leader by example, Graeme contributes to the community through such organizations as CHANGES, Hospice Peterborough, the United Way, and Trent University.

A disciplined process is the key

To provide investment and wealth management, Graeme adheres to a disciplined four-step process to keep you on-track to achieving your goals:

Step 1 – Establish realistic goals
Step 2 – Develop a well-defined investment strategy
Step 3 – Implement the plan using sound investments of the highest quality
Step 4 – Review the portfolio in a disciplined manner on a periodic basis to ensure it remains effective

Proven investment principles

When selecting or recommending specific investments to help his clients achieve their investment goals, Graeme relies on a set of beliefs acquired through experience:

  • Focus on sustainable and consistent growth 
  • Keep the lines of communication open at all times
  • A clearly articulated and easy to understand investment strategy is usually the most effective
  • Always ensure transparency of fees

Helping you make informed decisions

Making sense of today’s ever-changing financial markets isn’t easy. But having the right perspective on where the markets are going – and how that affects your portfolio – is essential to succeed as an investor.

Helping Graeme provide the perspective you need is the RBC Investment Strategy Committee, which is comprised of the firm’s senior economists, portfolio strategists, and research analysts. After considering investment research and economic analysis, the Strategy Committee makes recommendations on portfolio structure for the coming 12 months, including:

  • The optimum mix of stocks, bonds, and cash
  • Suggested term for fixed-income investments 
  • A “focus list” of top-ranked Canadian stocks collectively expected to outperform the benchmark TSX

Several investment solutions based on the Strategy Committee’s views are available exclusively to clients of RBC Dominion Securities.

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