At Holtby & Associates Wealth Management Services, we knock down traditional borders that exist among your network of professionals.

We offer an integrated approach which combines our inā€house expertise with your other trusted advisors so you can spend more time on what you value most in life.

Our family offices offers a comprehensive range of wealth management strategies tailored to the families we work with.

Portfolio Management

  • Investment Policy Statement development (IPS)
  • Strategic asset allocation
  • Integration with your family’s overall wealth management strategy
  • Strict portfolio monitoring
  • Regular performance reviews
  • Disciplined portfolio rebalancing
  • Enhanced due diligence
  • Discretionary investment capability

Tax Planning

  • Philanthropic vision development
  • Capital gain strategies
  • Charitable giving
  • Tax-effective gift structuring
  • Estate planning
  • Collaboration with your trusted tax advisor
  • Integration with your family’s overall wealth management strategy

Family Continuity

  • Family business succession planning
  • Family legacy planning
  • Effective gifting strategies
  • Intergenerational asset planning
  • Health and legal guidance (Power of Attorney, etc.)

Family Governance

  • Family goal alignment
  • Conflict mediation
  • Inheritance planning
  • Equitable decision making
  • Business leadership transitioning
  • Community involvement
  • Next generation financial education

Integrated Planning

  • Family asset overview
  • Ownership considerations
  • Financial planning
  • Will & Estate consulting
  • Personalized portfolio structuring

Risk Management

  • Corporate planning
  • Portfolio diversification
  • Detailed reporting and transparency
  • Downside protection
  • Insurance strategies
  • Family communication