Our Proven Process

At Bob Jones Private Wealth Management, we implement a comprehensive 8-step strategy to provide second-to-none tailored wealth management services to our clients in Canada and abroad. 


  1. Discovery: We will sit down with you to gain a clear understanding of your goals - both personal and financial.


  1. Financial Analysis: We will prepare a customized analysis of your financial situation that incorporates your financial goals, risk tolerance, and long-term plans.


  1. Will & Estate Review: If you have a more complex estate, we can help address your various estate planning concerns and recommend the steps you need to take to achieve your goals.


  1. Insurance Review: We can introduce insurance-based solutions to help you protect everything you have worked to build.


  1. Investment Strategy: We will help you establish an investment strategy designed to achieve your goals, whether you're investing for growth, income, or preservation.


  1. Investment Portfolio: Next, we implement your investment strategy within your tailored portfolio.


  1. Ongoing Communication: You are apprised of the performance of your portfolio and the markets through regular updates, including a quarterly statement, annual tax package, and access to DS Online.


  1. Regular Reviews: As your needs and the markets evolve, periodic portfolio reviews help to ensure that your plan remains an effective tool to achieve your objectives.


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