Having spent 14 years at another financial institution, in roles including financial advisor and financial planning consultant, we decided to move to RBC Dominion Securities to start our own team, Vanin Millard Wealth Management of RBC Dominion Securities. 



"When asked why I do what I do, I'm always taken back to a time as a teenager when a classic stock pump and dump scheme lost so many in my community, my family included, vast savings in a matter of months. I was fascinated that such a thing could happen, especially to so many intelligent people. This experience at a young age made me realize the importance of truly, trustworthy financial guidance, which is exactly what I've dedicated my career to providing."


Steve Millard



"I became passionate about investment and financial planning thanks, in part, to a former manager who taught me that when working with clients, trust is everything. I grew up in an extended family that put a lot of emphasis on trust and respect for each other, so this really rang true for me. These values spill over into how I view life, and in turn, how I feel my clients should always be treated. My family, while not wealthy, certainly appreciated the dollars they earned and passed on to me the importance of planning for the future and the importance of attaining financial independence. Planning for my clients future and delivering to the trust they put in me is what brings me joy and why I love what I do."


Connie Vanin


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Steve Millard

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