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Women and wealth: A planning workbook

Connect your money, your story, your life 

 Whether you’re building a career, working inside the home, partnered, married, divorced, widowed or solo, it’s important for you to take an active role in your financial life. At RBC Wealth Management, we are committed to delivering insights that educate, equip and engage you on your financial journey. We recognize the unique challenges faced by women investors that underscore the need for wealth planning. Financial empowerment begins with a plan that is created uniquely for you by a wealth advisor you trust. A plan that you create together can help you accomplish your financial priorities—and move toward your vision of the future with confidence. To get you started, reach out for a complimentary session and a copy of our practical workbook that will  help you gather important information to create your personal wealth plan. It’s an investment of time to help secure your financial future.

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