Please find below some Testimonials from clients for myself and our Team.
We do good work here.

We are so grateful for your knowledge, experience and determination all of which has helped us maintain a very well balanced portfolio that will help us live well during our retirement years. We are blessed to have been part of your business for so many years.

Thank you so much

B & M

Ps We mention you with great positivity whenever talk goes or can be led in the direction of who is our financial advisor.

June 27 2022


Hi Tony and team

Just a quick note to thank your team for your amazing service and performance. I was watching TV the other day and a commercial came on for an online investment service. One guy asked the other “you aren’t still investing with Mom and Dad’s firm” as if to say they didn’t know what they were doing… I had to laugh. All I could think of was “Of course we (‘Mom and Dad’) are still with our firm”. You (and the team) have been taking care of us for 20 years - we trust and have benefitted from your advice and suggestions. We like the combination of expert direction with the ability to make choices we are comfortable with. Apart from specific investing skills, we have also appreciated the whole financial planning service (with the inclusion of other products needed to round out the plan). We have recommended you to others and will continue to do so!

Thanks Tony, Liz, Carolyn and P.J.!


B and A  July 26 2021

Good morning Tony: After spending the last 20 minutes with Liz sorting through the options around
converting my RRSP to RRIF, I find myself impressed, once again, by the extraordinary professional and
personal service my entire family receives from everyone in the Broxterman team. While it was Liz who
“knocked it outta the park today” (she was away ahead of me, as usual, on what my conversions options
were), it could have just as easily been Carolyn or PJ or you who impressed to the upside. If any of your
clients, current or potential, need reassurance they will get only the best advice and services in the
investment business, share this note with them.
Thank you all.
HW  September 2020
We review our financial plan on an annual basis with Liz Damaso. I continue to be amazed at the tremendous value she provides. Liz does an absolutely fantastic job. Her understanding of us as clients, our current financial situation, and our goals for the future are simply phenomenal. The recommendations and advice she brings to meetings are always based on our best interests and what makes the most sense from a tax perspective. Everyone should take advantage of the service Liz offers. You will not be disappointed.
SL  November 2019

Reading your daily this morning I was reminded of how well the Broxterman Team has served our family over close to 35 years.

Today's Daily: The Key to Investing - Buy Dividend Paying Stocks, reinvest the dividends and review once a year. Sounds simple, however an important element of the formula that isn't in this equation is having a trusted partner teamed with you. I purposely avoid the use of the term "advisor" as the term is so limiting.

During our years of growing our business we relied on the Broxterman Team to manage our outside investments while we concentrated on our business. Now we rely on the Broxterman Team to manage our retirement portfolio as we concentrated on, well retirement!

The occasional financial check up with yourself and Liz has kept us all heading in the same direction.

Sounds a bit like a Freedom 55 advertisement but all true!

Thanks T,

B  August 2019


Tony, I just want to say thank you for the way you and your team have helped me and my family with our investments over the years.

I think I have known and invested with you at RBC Dominion Securities for nearly 30 years.

Although my investor style in my action direct account is aggressive, your steady hand with my family’s serious money, has certainly helped us keep our investment equilibrium. There have been ups and downs for sure, but overall we are heading in the right direction, over the years, through thick and thin.

With regard to my parents accounts, your very safe, conservative investment choices, have allowed their very modest retirement savings amount to stay fairly static, even as they continually withdraw from their accounts…..

Your support staff have been excellent when we need other investment and retirement support information as well . All in all, we are very pleased with you and your very professional team. Thanks again for all you guys do, and have for so many years now

TJ April 2019


We have been revisiting our long term financial plans with Liz Damaso annually. She's always done a great job. Recently she encouraged us to use her talents more fully to explore multiple options for optimal retirement timing. Not only did Liz eagerly embrace all six scenarios we asked for, she was excited to take on the task. The resulting reports exceeded our expectations and helped identify the earliest date we can comfortably retire as well as when/if we should consider selling our house. What a pleasure it is to work with Liz. She is such an incredible asset to the Broxterman team.
Shirley L.  May 2017
Sue and I would like to extend our thanks to The Broxterman Team for the years of personalized service, professionalism, and guidance. We truly appreciate each of them and how they genuinely care about their clients.
Most importantly, we appreciate benefiting from the well-guided investment strategies. Tony's ability to cut through the market noise and target opportunitiesis exceptional.
Tony and team consistently outperform our expectations and we really appreciate the high-touch, constant communication.  It's a pleasure working with them and we look forward to many more years.
Thanks to the Broxterman Team for taking the worry out of our retirement planning!
Jeff D. and Sue D.  July 2016
Hi Tony, 
After listening to your fly on the wall note yesterday. I wanted to write you a quick note to thank you for what you and your team do. The guidance and help you give my family (especially me) is very helpful and we really appreciate it. With these tough times I just wanted to say thanks.
Have a great weekend.
Meg W.  February 2016 
Dear Tony:
We just wanted to let you know how great it was to work with Liz.  We greatly appreciated  her time in meeting with us and putting together our plan.  What a delight she was to work with - very personable and accommodating.  She gave us some great money saving strategies that we hadn't thought of before. She walked us through the components of the report.  Our follow up appointment allowed her to readily addressed our questions to improve our understanding and allowed for clarification.  

We appreciate her enthusiasm - she clearly loves what she does!
Thanks also to you for the advice you give on a day by day and week by week basis.  We value you too!!

D.O. and L.O.  February 2016 
We appreciate all that the team does year in year out, to keep us on track with our investment portfolio.  We can honestly say that since we joined the Broxterman group we've never looked back! Things don't always go as planned, but we truly believe our investments are in good hands through the good and the bad. That peace of mind is priceless. 

We wish you and all of yours a very happy Christmas and everything good in the new year. Hopefully 2016 will be  an easier ride than 2015 :) 

Joanne and Dan  December 2015
Hi Tony, I wanted to acknowledge what an amazing job you, and your Team have done in preserving capital in a very difficult year in the markets.  I am sure some clients have made a little money and others have lost some, however on balance with your advice and the intelligence you gather from the "heroes our portfolio has been managed exceptionally well this year.  (which is not quite finished)  I understand the vagaries of markets, and know that the best way to judge success is how one operates in turbulent times, and the fact that our portfolio missed most of the disasters this year is a testament to excellent management. 
Mark I.    November 2015  
Throughout the years, I had personally managed our investment portfolios with moderate success and was quite proud of my accomplishments. I worked diligently to research and evaluate different companies which took a considerable amount time but I felt confident in my decisions. 

Now that my husband and I are nearing retirement, we knew it was important to have a full-time professional keeping a close eye on our portfolio as a misstep now would be catastrophic for us. Besides, my intention was to free up my own time by handing things off to someone I trusted. At the same time I wanted someone who would listen and allow me to be as involved as I needed to be. 

After more research last year, we chose Tony Broxterman and his team and have never had second thoughts. Tony has an extensive network of additional professionals (his 'Heros') working alongside him to provide exponentially more analysis than I could ever do which he summarizes in his daily notes. He phones me with his recommendations and we then agree on how to proceed. 

We were hoping for modest gains, but have been absolutely amazed at the increase Tony has accomplished for us over the last 12 months! 

We highly recommend Tony Broxterman not only for the astounding increase he delivered but more importantly, for his high level of professionalism, experience and knowledge. 

Our only regret is we should have done this years ago. 

P.M. and D.M.   August 2014
On top of all of the other urgent emails exchanged between us over the last week or so, I though I would add this.
The important, critical and vital thing I have to say is one simple world: "Thanks!" Thanks for the hours you have spent trying to sort out the tax slips dilemma I have faced. Thanks for meeting my deadline... actually, the deadline imposed by CRA. Thanks for always answering my calls and emails in the most timely, courteous and helpful manner imaginable. You have more than "done your job", as I can imagine you saying. You have gone beyond the call of duty by miles and miles.
I will continue to laud the efforts of you and your colleagues on the "Broxterman Team" at every opportunity.
On behalf of my entire family,
H. W.   March 2014
Many Thanks,
I have everything I now need and all my questions have been answered in the most expeditious manner imaginable.  Love what you and RBC DS do for may family.
H.W.  February 2014
Tony, just a little note to say "thank you" to you and your team for being there during our personal struggles the last few years.  You were understanding, non-judgemental and always available.  We appreciate that you have handled our accounts with "kid" gloves making one less worry for us.  Without your support, we might not be on our road to recovery.  We feel blessed to have had you and your team in our court. 
Once again, thank you.
G.G.  February 2014